Mon, 25th Nov '02, 2:30 pm::

If I didn't have such a bad headache right now, today would probably be the best day of my life. I woke up kinda late (cuz of all the late phone chats last night), got dressed, went to work, collected my paycheck, and went to my Physics class. And guess what happened during the class? I got a call on my cell and a voicemail from the car salesman I talked to on Saturday. I quickly left the classroom and called him up and he said, "Congrats Chirag! Your lease was approved! You can come get your car anytime!" And I was speechless. I know I should've said something like 'Thanks', 'Wow' or 'OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!' But instead I think my exact words were 'YIPEOSR SPLOIERKASPW SODTRIDF PEROQJKGOR!!!!!!!' Hehe. DAAAAAMN!!!!!! My first car ever! With my own hard-earned money and on my own credit line, WITHOUT any co-applicants... I feel all proud of myself right now. Heh.

Ok so last night, I called up EVERYONE in India and talked to them for 30 mins! I soooooooo miss everyone :( On 24th my whole big family celebrated my grandpa-ma's 50th and my Paresh Uncle & Rita Aunty's 25th wedding anniversary! EVERYONE was there! Except me :( Oh well... it's not that bad. I guess I'm having fun here all alone... But I miss everyone! I really do.

So after the phone call, I got all weird and felt soooooo homesick. So I decided to call my friend Jacqueline. I called her up and we talked for TWO hours non-stop! I never talk more than 10 minutes to anyone normally, cuz I'd rather talk to them face-2-face instead. But she lives kinda far away. So only thing I can do is call her up in the middle of the night! Ah the pleasures of free long distance and unlimited nights/weekends on cellphones. And she's soooooo much fun to talk to and listen to. It's interesting, how both of us actually think along the same lines a lot of times. Hehe. Dammit! Why can't she go to Rutgers!

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