Thu, 28th Nov '02, 7:40 am::

8 Crazy Nights is a funny movie :) Saw it with Rohan last night. Then had dinner @ his house with Kaushik Uncle :)

Now I have 4 days of staying in the home doing nothing. Well I'm gonna use this time to finally complete Ajooba. Let's see how dedicated I am. Hmm. And so the blog's pretty much on hold for 4 days. I don't have much to say anyway. I'll prolly just wake up, shower, program, eat, program, and sleep. Not a very interesting routine for non-programmers. But well if you're a programmer, I know you're jealous. Hehe. Oh and on a closing note, here's a fan of Chime.Tv :) Well actually it's my buddy Taylor's girlfriend Maureen. Hehe. She's pretty cute ;-)

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