Mon, 6th Jan '03, 2:10 pm::

Back in the good old Joisey! Had a pretty tough flight. However I met a lot of interesting people, three to be precise. First, from Salt Lake City to Cincinnati, this 26yr old cutey, Amy, who does some HR management stuff, sat next to me. I had waaay too much fun flirting w/ her ;) Hehe. And we saw the movie: My Big Fat Greek Wedding on the plane together and talked 'bout stuff a lot. For some weird reason, I often get seated next to interesting people, be it plane, train, or just college buses. Then Joe, a Princeton University frosh was on the flight from Cincinnati to Newark next to me. We got started talking and I found out that he's a good old hard working student from Kentucky who got 1520 in SATs!

However, due to bad weather conditions in Newark, that flight got cancelled and I had to take the next flight to Newark. My new neighbor was 60+ yr old Daun, an experienced pilot with the coolest gizmos ever. He had a air-navigation GPS system (cost $1000+), Bose noise-cancellation headphones, awesome Mp3 players everything! We talked all the way non-stop and trust me, I learnt a great deal about planes, flight-patterns, and the whole air-traffic control system.

Then I came home, had some leftover pizza, went to bed, woke up, and here I am :) Life's back to normal. I'm glad.

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