Thu, 9th Jan '03, 10:55 pm::

Shooooopiiiiiiingggggggggg!!!! Well I just returned from WalMart and I bought a ton of stuff! First of all, this cool folding Futon bed + this awesome fierce animal bed in a bag (comforter, bedsheet, pillow cases etc.). And then I bought lots of small random stuff like a big pillow, bottle of new Xtreme hair gel, air freshner, paper plates, 14 pairs of socks (reminds me of my hostel days), pair of toothbrush, Apricot face scrub, waste basket, two pairs of boxers, and a bottle of Fantastic cleaner. So yeah, I practically bought everything I'd probably need during the first few days of living alone. Of course, this list's gonna get longer and longer and longer as time goes by. Ahhhh the joys of living by yourself. Hehe.

What I didn't buy yet, was food stuff and laundry stuff. Basically because I don't know much about either and will have to take my aunt's advice on it. Tomorrow, if there's time, I'll go and start moving all this stuff to my new room. I gotta assemble my new bed and set up the sheets etc. Also I gotta vacuum my old and new rooms both (since both are pretty pretty dirty right now, esp. my new room... after all college students live there!) Anyways, it's time for me to hit the sack, since I got work early tomorrow. G'nite world :)

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