Fri, 7th Feb '03, 1:20 pm::

What a lovely day! It's snowing outside! I woke up this morning I find almost a foot of snow! (In reality it was more like 6-7 inches, but still...) I look outta my window and all I could see was pretty white stuff all over the houses and road. All the schools in New Jersey have cancelled classes. Of course Rutgers didn't. As usual.

Anyways, I just got my paycheck for January! Yay!!! I'm so happy! Now I'll finally be able to pay back all the money to Rutgers *sarcasm*. Yeah yeah, something's wrong here. I work all of January and I get some money. Then I pay back all that so that I can do more hard studies in the next 4 months. And why exactly does this make me happy? I dunno. Something's wrong with my brain. Hehe.

Okies, so I was checking the away messages of people on my Aim buddy list. Gotta admit, my friends 'n family has some of the funniest away messages ever. Some make sense, most don't, but all have a kind of humor, very typical to their true personality:

  • "you are like santa claus on prozac in disneyland getting laid."
    Okaaay! I'm already feeling better about myself.
  • "the ocean is big and its blue, i just wanna sink to the bottom with you"
    Those were Jack's famous last words before Rose kicked him off the floating piece of wood.
  • "i think i should have seriously been born a blonde....the things ive done this week....unbelievable :-P"
    Would ya believe she's Indian?
  • "lalala la la , lalala la la , lalala la la la la la la"
    Oooo! Somebody's happy...

God I love my friends... And I miss the ones not here with me today... Dammit! I wanna go back to Calcutta...

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