Mon, 31st Mar '03, 9:35 pm::

Repeated Song for the night: "Mr. Cellophane" - Chicago

What can I say. I just loooooove this song!

Quote for the day: "Enthusiam is that kindling spark, which marks the difference between the leaders... and the laggards." - Mary Cipriotti

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Mon, 31st Mar '03, 9:05 pm::

I was just talkin' online with my housemate Sharon :) I talk to her more online and less inside the house, cuz well she's never @ home. Told her to come upstairs and say hi to me next time she's home. Let's see...

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Mon, 31st Mar '03, 7:55 pm::

Busy as a bee tonight. Econ lab due on Wednesday. So me gonna go work on it. Shared a large pizza pie with Michele for lunch today. For a purdy little girl, she sure can eat a lot - 3 slices ;-) Back to studies now.

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Sun, 30th Mar '03, 2:35 pm::

So I was just talking to Taylor online and among other things, I decided I'm definitely gonna give this 'blog a major overhaul over the summer. Not just a basic design change, but implement more of a randomized theme feature, that'll automatically change the look of the site every time you visit it. It might be a nice white/gray combination in the morning, yellow-red in the afternoon, and blue-black in the evening :) Would be pretty cool huh! Of course, no more uploading html pages containing content - it'll all be managed by a remote database :) If wanna add a new quote, then all I gotta do is open the MS Access table - Quotes and type/paste it in. If I wanna add a new poem, just type it in the table - Poems, and it goes live on the site automatically! Ahhhhh the cool features I can think of...

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Sun, 30th Mar '03, 12:45 pm::

I just talked to Shradha from Calcutta. Not my buddy Chetan's wife, but one of my friends whom I met in college there. Talked to her after a looooooong time for 30 mins :) Gotta love these phone cards.

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Sun, 30th Mar '03, 2:40 am::

I'm just watchin MTV and doin' some work. Like this song too: "Belong" - Linkin Park.

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Sun, 30th Mar '03, 2:35 am::

Not that I'm a big fan or anything, but this song's kinda catchy:

Song for the night: "What happened to that boy" - Baby (aka The #1 Stunna)

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Sun, 30th Mar '03, 1:30 am::

WOOOOHOOOOOOO! I just got the coolest website ever! Go and type in the address bar. No www's or .coms or http or anything. Just type in Or just click here - :) And of course my new email address is: Gotta love being an übergeek. So ya, I actually paid a lottla money to buy that domain name. I can't say how much I paid (let's just say it's more than average per capita income of most countries), but who cares, if someone else took it before me, it would go away forever :( And come on, all you gotta do now to read my 'blog, is start the browser and just type in my name, with a dot between 'r' and 'a' - :)

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Sat, 29th Mar '03, 11:55 pm::

I'd say today was another good day, just like 29th March 2002 :) Except for that email disappearing act :( Woke up @ 11am, showered 'n studied till 2 pm, and went to see Purvi @ the train station :) She had come for the night @ my aunt's house and was on her way back to the city. So I just walked down and chilled with her till her train came. Nice to see her after a long time (Utah - January). Next week I'm hopefully gonna go see her in the city for this program she has. Let's see how it goes.

Then I panicked over my emails and did my physics web assign. In fact I did two weeks of web assign, meaning no tensions next week :) So anyways, I was supposed to go see The Pianist with Cher, but cuz of the weather and my Econ lab and blah blah, it just felt like a stretch. So I did my Econ stuff till 10pm. Cher came online, and we decided to go have a nice cup of coffee @ Au Bon Pain. Of course, I can never have just a 'cup', so I ended up with a large 'Iced Mocha'. Hehe.

Anyways, four of my housemates got a nice house down on Hamilton and need a fifth person. Since I hadn't seen the house yet, I walked down there with Cher just to check it out. Next time somebody remind me NOT to go house-hunting @ 11pm! Nobody answered the damn door-bell! But the house looked pretty weird from the outside - it was shaped like a boat! Like it had a corner with railing that looked like the bow of a ship (you know, I'm the King of the World part... hehe). And they're opening a coffee shop right under the house! (We have the top floors). Though I haven't seen the inside, it looked like a good place. Now my problem is to get the lease/deposit money asap. I think credit cards are the answer :) Hehe!

So anyway, then we went to see my friend Vicky @ the College Avenue Gym. They're having a 32-hour dance marathon there with over 400 dancers, dancing all night 'n day. Pretty cool actually. I bought a nice Iced Mocha for Vicky, cuz well, I'm sure she needs all the caffeine possible. Ohhhh and I got a free bag @ the gym! I love free stuff. Met a couple of ppl from older classes, ppl I haven't seen in months and years :) Pretty cool actually.

And best of all, Cher got me bagels :) Yup. She works @ the bagel store and got me a coupla bagels :) Yummmm. We might go see the end of the dance marathon tomorrow. There's some mildly hot chics in there, though nothing THAT great. Plus you really don't look all that hot after dancing for 32 hours! LOL.

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Sat, 29th Mar '03, 4:15 pm::

What a beautiful day... to LOSE HALF YOUR EMAILS!!!! I am sooooooo angry right now. Stupid stupid stupid computer! Ok here's what happened. Last night I printed out a couple of things and left the printer on. Then I ran the 'Compact All Folders' option in Outlook Express, and as it was going on, I simply turned the printer off. Nothing wrong in that, right? Hell the stupid computer crashed with a Blue Screen of Death error. I turned my pc back on and lo and behold, all the emails I had ever sent, and all the emails I had stored in my 'Rutgers' and 'Records' folders disappeared! This means I have now NO records of any of my financial data, college data, emails to clients - NOTHING! You don't see the crisis in here? Just think how would you feel if you turned of the TV and all of a sudden your living room got flooded with raw sewage! That's EXACTLY how I feel right now.

Stupid USB printers! Anyway, I had a decent backup from mid-January, so at least I got some of the stuff back. Also, all the personal + work emails that I received are in tact. It's mainly the Rutgers emails, Financial (Bank Statements, Online Purchases, Credit Card Statements etc.), and all the emails I sent to anyone after mid-Jan that's gone poof! Oh well. I guess I'll just manage somehow (and backup 7 times a week now!)

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Sat, 29th Mar '03, 2:35 pm::

Quote for the day: "When you get a $1050 federal tax refund, it goes straight to your tuition. When you get a $43 state tax refund, it goes straight to expensive alcohol."

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Thu, 27th Mar '03, 11:10 pm::

Alright after looking @ how bad it's gonna rain this weekend in NYC, plan called off. Prolly a movie around here somewhere I think.

And here's my new fav. comic - Diesel Sweeties :) What is weird though, is that I ALWAYS find a new good comic right before a big exam!

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Thu, 27th Mar '03, 7:55 pm::

Just replied to lotsa client emails. Things are pretty pretty good on the commercial side. I've been pleasantly busy :). Dinner w/ Mich & Angie was good. Stuffed like a pig now. Gonna do some work on one of my client sites for a bit and then go off to study forever.

Kinda tensed with one of my graduation requirements. Will explain more in detail once I've sorted out stuff. But it's all good :) Can't wait till this weekend. Other than Econometrics lab (that usually takes 12-16 hours if I work non-stop = one wholeeeee saturday or sunday), preparing for Math quiz, finishing Physics webassign, and working on 2-3 sites, I'm thinking of going to the city. Let's see if all the pieces fit in...

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Thu, 27th Mar '03, 1:05 pm::

Working hard all day today *tsk tsk*. Had lunch with my awesome buddy Mason. He's a big Fark/HomestarRunner/StrongBad fan! That's like my twin! Only 6 inches taller and 100lbs heavier. Hehe. When I grow up, I wanna be like Mason. Hehe...

Anywayz been talking to Amanda online today. Long time no chat. Prolly gonna get dinner w/ Angie tonight. Studying all night for my CS exam tomorrow though. So no free time :( No party either. Gotta make my stdy schedule for Fall 2003 and pick all the imp. classes. Ahhhhh. And I gotta pay $3500 before May 8th for summer classes. Right now I only have like $1500. Cash advances anyone? Ok back to work.

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Wed, 26th Mar '03, 11:00 pm::

Another long long day today. I'm changing a few things about my hosting services. I just got a very powerful back-end server hosting @ Hosting Matters. Their services are well priced and the network they run on is simply awesome! With all the new clients I'm gonna host in the next few months, I think this is a good decision. Gotta love expansion :)

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Wed, 26th Mar '03, 12:55 pm::

Soon March will end and April will start. How time flies...

I got my Econometrics exam back. I did pretty well -> 90% = A :) It's not the highest in the class, but I think @ the moment I really don't care about getting the highest in all my classes, mainly cuz of the 1000 other things I've got on my head right now. Just talked to 3 of my clients this morning. I have 3 big sites to finish up before summer :)

I'm thinking of taking a web-site break this summer though - I need a breather. I'll probably work on my 'blog + main site and maintain my existing clients' sites, but no more. Plus I'll hopefully be busy all summer with my next project - On Your (OYC). I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I'm gonna work with my friend Peter, who's in California right now. He's formed a subsidiary of Chime Softwares Ltd, NJ called Chime Softwares West and we will create WAP/HDML sites under this corporation. That is websites for cellphones & other handhelds. Ya ya we all know how the bubble burst and what happened to those millionaire-wannabes who tried to shove the Internet into every crevasse of your body. Our site will be different and VERY simple. Suppose you find yourself in LA, and need to go to a good restaurant, simple surf to on your cell, and select 'LA Restaurants' from the menu. Then select your city or enter your zipcode to get a list of all restaurants in the area. Of course you can then search for the cheapest Italian restaurants using your cell phone and find who sells the most variety of pasta. OYC won't be the greatest website ever, but I think with decent advertizing, we can get 100+ hits per day and that should be enough to persuade a lot of local LA restaurants to sign up with us. Let's see how it goes. Peter's a good friend of my cuzin Purvi and I met him a few years ago in NYC and this year again in Utah. He's gonna handle all the customer/client/marketing/advertizing issues and my job is to create the site, make it work, take care of the databases.

It'll be a welcome break from my Chime.Tv work, cuz right now I handle pretty much everything from sales to marketing to technical stuff all by myself. While it's great to have so much control over my business, it's not the best model for expansion. When I wanna make CSL big, I'll have to take over either management or tech - not both. For now, I'm doing both, but as soon as I find someone who can manage CSL better than me or is better @ creating websites than me, I'd be more than willing to divide and conquer :)

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Tue, 25th Mar '03, 10:55 pm::

The coolest thing just happened. I was just channel surfing and by mistake I landed on VH1 and they had a program called 'Hard Body', where they were showing celebrity skin care locations, like top New York Salons and best California tanning salons. And guess what? I JUST SAW MY NEXT CLIENT ON TV! Last week we discussed on phone how I will design a new site for his tanning salon. And just now I saw him on TV! That's soooo cool! I just called him up to confirm it, and he said it was him :) Pretty sweet huh?

Oh and guess who often goes to his tanning salon? Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera to say the least! Pretty much every Hollywood celebrity goes there. I think I'll like working on his site. Next week or so I'll begin. Let's see how it goes...

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Tue, 25th Mar '03, 10:40 pm::

Tired as hell right now. Had a pretty good day again. It's really beautiful outside these days. Spring is here. Gotta do a lot of homework etc. right now. And I did all the questions in my CS homework!

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Tue, 25th Mar '03, 1:30 am::

Sleepy as anything right now! Had a loooong but decent day today. Had lotsa Physics classes, had lunch with Mich as usual, went to Complex Variables (math class) and had dinner with Cher :) Gotta love it when a pretty lady takes you to dinner :) Studied non-stop from 7pm till now @ the student center. Pretty much having a bad headache. Still have to do 2 out of 8 questions in my CS homework. Good thing I'm pretty sure at least 5 of the 6 I got are right. Rest, life's going on as usual.

Gonna start searching for a new place for summer. This place doesn't have air conditioning, and since it's winter, no problem @ the moment, but in a month or so, it'll get hot. So for the summer, I DEFINITELY need a place with a/c.

Quote for the night: "You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, the Swiss hold the America's Cup, France is accusing the US of arrogance, and Germany doesn't want to go to war."

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Sun, 23rd Mar '03, 9:05 pm::

Tonight I tried to have fun while chattin' on aim. Just for the hell of it, I started saying totally unrelated random things in between normal casual chats. Not a lot of people got the humor in it, but oh my god, my tummy's hurting from all the laffin! Here's some of the stuff i tried...

  • Is that how you really treat people huh?
  • But that's not what Stalin said!
  • Are you saying you discriminate against people who are not 'normal' ?
  • I guess from that point of view, you are probably right. but you should really get some psychiatric help soon.
  • Are you telling me after all this time that you are a GUY?
  • And best of all, instead of saying 'cya/later/tata/bubye', I ended all chats with: This conversation has ended.

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Sun, 23rd Mar '03, 7:45 pm::

More fun with the search feature - on average, I use the word 'pretty', in pretty much every other 'blog entry :)

(Warning - will take very LOOOONG to load - since well, it's half of my 'blog entries ever!)

Anyways, I've been chillin' @ the student center all day now. Trying to study, but just don't feel like it. Met up with Mihir and Radhi for a while. Radhi's my cuzin Keval's old classmate - in fact she told me they studied in the same class from kindergarten right till end of high school! Pretty awesome considering I don't even have friends who've been with me for more than 3 years :( I guess that's what happens when you keep moving from one place to another every few years. Hehe.

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Sun, 23rd Mar '03, 1:20 pm::

Damn it! The Aussies won the Cricket World Cup :(

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Sat, 22nd Mar '03, 1:50 am::

Using my search feature, it's just soooo easy to get a list of all my songs for the day/night/week/year/whatever. I love my 'blog!

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Sat, 22nd Mar '03, 1:35 am::

Looooong after I converted my blog backend to MySQL database, I finally got around to completing the search page tonight! Yup. You can now instantly search for the number of times I said Fark or awesome! And the cool thing about the search function is that the search keywords are highlighted like-this. So anyway, since I wrote such a cool little PHP function that highlights keywords just like Google, I posted it on the official Php.Net website on this page :)

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Sat, 22nd Mar '03, 12:35 am::

I'm watching TV and talking to Leah right now :) Can't wait to see her again... God knows when...

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Fri, 21st Mar '03, 11:40 am::

I've always have a problem with static electricity ever since I came to US. It never happened in India, so I guess it's the carpetted floors here. Every now and then, most likely when it's too dry out here, I touch metallic objects like door knobs, water coolers etc. and get mild electric shocks. Also if I touch people, they get shocked too! Finally, after reading this Straight Dope article, I found out how to prevent the static shocks from hurting me. All I gotta do is touch metallic objects while holding another metallic object, like a coin or a key. Eh no biggie! Much better than getting shocked in the tongue while trying to drink water!!!

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War in IraqThu, 20th Mar '03, 3:25 pm::

So there's this new reality show on TV - War on Iraq. In fact it's so popular that it's also on the radio, internet, and pretty much everywhere I wander. Oh well, so US attacked Iraq last night and Iraq's pretty much screwed now. While I'm no fan of Bush (or Gore either), I must admit I'm kinda fascinated by his strongheadedness. Right after 9/11 he decided he wanted to bomb Saddam. Guess he finally got the chance now.

One thing that I really like is how Bush gave Saddam 2-day ultimatum. This is politics. Even the smallest/slightest change takes years and decades. Middle-East peace process has been going on for years and years. Clinton cooled down the heat between Palestine & Israel, but as soon as he left, they began to fight again. India-Pakistan have been fighting over Kashmir for over half a century now without any resolution. But it took Bush less than 3 years to pretty much wipe out Al-Qaeda and Iraq! While I fully agree there has been a lot of civilian casualities, I'm kinda surprised to see in this war, there is so much concern for the loss of Iraqi lives. US seems to be trying it's best to attack only the Iraqi leaders/military and not the citizen. Never in the history of the world has an invading country cared more for the lives of the invaded.

A lot of people are against war, especially in US. Sure, of course they are. Because when they wake up in the morning, their biggest worry is which cereal do they want for breakfast, and not whether will Saddam will order his troops to poison their families. One of my housemates is half-Iraqi who been to Iraq a couple of times. I was talking to her the other day and she said the average Iraqi hates Saddam as much as the average Afghan hated the Taliban. And they would more than welcome a regime change right about now.

However, the war isn't as clear cut as it appears (well duh!). There's more than enough oil in Iraq to fuel Bush and Cheney's bank accounts for generations to come. But do I really care if the oil prices go up/down or if Bush makes a few hundred million more? Nah! I'd rather see Iraq turn into a free country without a corrupt dictatorship. Sure, it'll never be US or Germany, but at least it'll be better than what it is right now.

Some of my friends were worried about Iraqis attacking US with chemical and biotech weapons. Of course, that's a real threat and since we can't do anything about it, just might as well go on living our lives without worrying too much about it. If it's gonna happen, it'll happen.

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Wed, 19th Mar '03, 2:20 pm::

I don't really care about cars. There was a time when I needed one and I was 99% gonna buy it. But this survey says that guys who don't know jack about cars are girlie! Urgh! Oh yeah? Well all I know is that someday I'm gonna make enuf money to buy myself a couple of mercs and beamers and the morons who polish their civics today will look @ me and cry :) Great. So I don't know what the dumb carburetor does. So what! Oh and does that mean the girls who know a lot about cars are guy-ish? Cuz that'll make Michele the most awesome guy I know. LOL.

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Wed, 19th Mar '03, 1:55 pm::

Life's busy. Mostly with work. I've been trying to figure out my near & long term academic plans. As far as this summer's concerned, I'm taking 3 classes - two economics + 1 math class. Just three classes are going to cost me over $3500! Yeah, so now I gotta figure out where to get that much money from.

And in fall '03, I'll take 6 classes, and 6 more in spring '04. Hopefully if I get every class I want, I should graduate in May 2004 with a Computer Science + Economics double major, Math minor, University College Honors, and Economics Honors :) Ya I just found out that I can do a one year research project in Economics by myself and use it towards my UC honors also. It's kinda weird, but in the end, it gives me more recognition for not too much work. I had a meeting with my academic advisor today and she says I'm prolly the best/brightest student in UC @ the moment, cuz nobody's doing so much crap in just 4 years. So I guess I should be proud of myself.

With the whole spring break thing, I've been pretty stressed out. I mean it's spring break and most of the people I know are either relaxing or partying on pretty islands. Instead I'm working :( Now I know everyone says I should take out some time for me and blah blah, but well I just dunno. I really want to do all that major/minor thing I talked above and for that I MUST take classes this summer. And for that, I must somehow make $3500 before May. Only solution is I work my ass off in the next two months. Oh well...

Oh I did my income tax night before yesterday. Great news - I'm getting a tax refund of $1000+! Yay! So hoping that it arrives by May, I now need to make $2500 instead of $3500. I guess it's not impossible, but still, it's not a cakewalk either. Ehhhhh money! I'm tired of it. There's just too many expenses. My main aim is to graduate by May 2004, so that I can work for 3-4 months during summer of 2004 and start my grad studies in fall '04. Hopefully with the summer '04 work, I should be able to pay off more than half of my loans and since I'll be making some money while doing my grad, I'll prolly pay off all my loans by 2005. That means *hopefully* by May 2005, I will be out of debt and have CS + Econ double major and doing my grad studies.

Now I'm 99% going to do a MS in CS (hehe). However, if by any chance I don't get admission anywhere, I can do MS in Economics here @ Rutgers. I just talked to an Economics advisor and she said since I talk well and have got great grades, it'll be very easy for me to get into the free Econ program here @ Rutgers. I'll just have to be a Teaching Assistant for a class or two every week, and they'll pay for my tuition and give me some money every month for living expenses. So ya, as far as I'm concerned, studying more, is not too hard.

When people ask me what I'm gonna do after my BS, I say MS, and after MS, PhD. What after PhD? I dunno. Prolly depends on how Chime's doing at that time. I'm hoping to keep it alive :)

You know sometimes with all the work + studies I'm doing, I get all stressed out and start thinking I'm a moron cuz I'm not enjoying my life enough. Maybe I am a moron. I dunno. But I do have a few things that make me feel good about myself. I guess I keep reminding me these things from time to time, just to keep my spirits up.

First of all, I'm really good @ computers. I'm not showing off or anything, rather just being content that I fortunately am good at doing what I love. Second, I'm paying for a US education all by myself. Many people don't realize this, but $20k a year for 4 years in a foreign country is kinda hard to pay for. But I'm doing it. It's hard, but I'm doing it. I'm also paying now for living expenses, which are like $5-6k a year, depending on how comfortably I wanna live. Third, I have two great jobs - one for my college working as a Database/Web developer and other making websites for people through Chime.

But above all, I have people who love me a lot. It's more important than all the three things above combined. At the moment I am not near any of them, and I guess that's what hurting right now. All my friends are home and all my family is faaaar away. I'm just a poor little lost boy from Calcutta now... in this big eerie empty town. Ahhhh I can't wait till spring break's over.

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Tue, 18th Mar '03, 5:00 pm::

Tue, 18th Mar '03, 4:15 pm::

Spring break's still on. I'm already bored outta my mind. Working all day, making websites all night. Merry frickin' spring break huh! Michele drove up to RU for something, so I had lunch with her. Otherwise it's like a ghost-town out here. There's absolutely NOBODY on campus! Very creepy.

I want this monitor!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sun, 16th Mar '03, 1:05 am::

My cuzin Priya asked me to make a list of the 10 most beautiful female celebreties in the world. Of course, the list keeps changing, but here's the ten I could think of, off the top of my head, in no particular order:

  • Meg Ryan
  • Laetita Casta
  • Julianne Moore
  • Renée Zellweger
  • Shania Twain
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Amanda Peat
  • Vanessa Mae
  • Vanessa Williams
  • Shannon Elizabeth

I think the list's pretty decent :) While some guys prolly won't like Julianne Moore (too old according to some pre-teens) or Renée Zellweger (kinda chubby according to some anorexics), most normal people would kill to get close to any of these hotties. Try to prove me wrong!

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Sat, 15th Mar '03, 7:40 pm::

Got me Sony CRX220A1 CD-Read/Write Drive and Veo Advanced Connect webcam today :) Kinda expensive but still useful. Got a lotta work tonight...

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Fri, 14th Mar '03, 11:25 pm::

Just read what happened to me last year on March 14th. Eh, nothing really changed. Life's exactly the same old same old...

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Fri, 14th Mar '03, 11:20 pm::

Found this AI game that plays 20-questions with you. I'm highly impressed by the AI (articificial intelligence) code that runs it.

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Fri, 14th Mar '03, 11:15 pm::

Spring Break's here! Had a decent Physics class and then worked till 4:30 pm. Got to my aunt's home and have been chilling with my cuzins all day. I took Sneh 'n Sagar to see Shanghai Knights - totally hilarious movie. I especially loved the references to famous historical characters like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Charlie Chaplin. Overall a fun movie. Go watch it :)

Ah for dinner tonight I had some good Palak Paneer, Paneer Butter Masala, and Malai Kofta :) Feels great to be home! Tomorrow I'll just chill for a few hours @ home and then go back to my room and get started with all my piled up work. There's just toooooo much stuff to do.

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Thu, 13th Mar '03, 3:15 pm::

Damn... This is the most annoying dumbest thing some Indian on student visa should ever do - email a bomb threat to the Vice President of the University? Man that is one dumbass! And great, now in addition to looking like middle-eastern terrorists, Indian students can be regarded as potential security threats. Simply awesome. *angry sarcasm*

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Thu, 13th Mar '03, 12:00 am::

The war's prolly gonna start soon. I don't have much to say about it. Except that stuff like this makes me sad. Sure, Saddam might be an evil dictator, but I don't think the average Iraqi really deserves death just for living in Iraq.

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Wed, 12th Mar '03, 12:05 pm::

Wed, 12th Mar '03, 11:30 am::

The econometrics exam was pretty good. Actually much better than I thought it would be. I guess all the hard studies yesterday paid off :) Got a long day ahead of me now (and a big paper to write in a day!)

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Wed, 12th Mar '03, 2:30 am::

I'm studying Econometrics and goofing off @ the same time. Look what my buddy Tay found for me:

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Wed, 12th Mar '03, 2:05 am::

I wrote the above 'blog and just realized that it's funny how I could relate to the same stuff growing up as Kat did. I mean I was brought up in India for the first 20 years of my life! And yet we saw the same He-man cartoons, My Little Pony show, Thundercats, and god knows what else... I had the same toys too... Sometimes I wonder how I never felt weird settling down in US, after all it's a whole new country with a total dif. lifestyle. I guess cuz I was already exposed to most of it as I was growing up. But then I'm luckier cuz Kat and Taylor don't know about Chacha Chaudhary and Gayab Aaya. I wonder if even my sister remembers Gayab Aaya...

From this quiz:

    Q6. Which is India’s first cartoon character?
    Ans. "Gayab" and the serial was "Gayab Aaya". It was about a ghost called "Gayab" who was like "Casper".

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Wed, 12th Mar '03, 1:35 am::

Tonight's dinner with Kat brought a lot of sweet memories from childhood. One of her fav. toys was (obviously) She-Ra. And mine was He-man :) I sooo miss my He-man... I wanted to be all muscle-y and bicep-y when I grew up (of course I ended up scrawny and not so strong) Oh and we talked about Glowworms! How can anyone ever forget the Glowworms? Those were some good times... Tomorrow I have my first Econometrics mid-term exam. Please, can I please go back to being a child again? Sure, it's cool to be all grown up, but I miss my days of innocence.

Yeah, I was a child of the 80's. Those were some good years... 90's basically sucked, except that I found computers... But 80's... oh my... Just think of Dr. Fad in the Fad Show!!! He's back actually. Anyone remember that? I would watch that show every time it was on. And Beyond 2000. Well Beyond 2000 is a great website now, no TV show. Ahhh nostalgia... sweet nostalgia.

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Tue, 11th Mar '03, 12:15 am::

I just talked to my mommy!!! And my grandma and grandpa and sister!!! And I challenge you to prove me wrong when I say that: "My mommy loves me more than your mommy love you!" Cuz you can't! Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah...

G'nite world :) I shall retire a happy boy now...

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Mon, 10th Mar '03, 8:45 pm::

Had a looooong day today. Math exam was ok. Nothing to be proud of. I think I'm gonna get a B or C+ in this class :(

Watching Office Space yet again right now :)

Quote for the day "I did absolutely nothing, and it was everything I dreamed it could be." - Peter, Office Space

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Mon, 10th Mar '03, 12:45 pm::

What do you get when you study 'Analysis of Complex Variables' (math) for over 9 hours? A very bad HEADACHE! The exam's tomorrow and I think I studied as much as I could without killing myself... VERY tired now. Had too much junk food @ the student center too. Not good... Urgh... but well that's the only thing I felt like eating, cuz I'm in no mood to eat a healthy salad or veggie-sub right now. Tired like anything... G'nite world...

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Sun, 9th Mar '03, 3:15 am::

Just wrote a paper titled The Philosophy of Trauma for my Trauma & Literature class. Writing the paper took me about 4 hours, however preparing my mind to write it, took over 6 hours, mainly because writing philosophical material, especially stuff that deals with words, meanings, knowledge, and conditions requires a lot of logical thinking. Phew! Glad I'm done with this paper though. Tomorrow I study for my math exam, then write another 3 page paper on Monday, then study for Econometrics on Tuesday. I think I should be free from Wednesday onwards :) Free, to make tons of new websites, bunch of new software, and hoardes of Spring Break fun! (Or so I dream...)

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Sat, 8th Mar '03, 10:05 pm::

You know I could be out partying, clubbing, and bar-hoppin' but instead I'm stuck studying, writing, and cringing. Damn papers, damn exams, damn all the homework! Why am I the only one with 3 exams next with and 2 papers due? Oh well, it'll all be good soon... I can't wait till next week... ahhhhhh spring break...

Quote for my lonely Saturday night: "You know you need to when, out of sheer boredom, you actually type in in the browser, just to see if it exists or not..."

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Sat, 8th Mar '03, 4:55 pm::

Time to celebrate! I got 3 new clients to make sites for in the next few months :) Life is gooooood... Last night I was some goooood food @ home (Pav Bhaji, Vada, Indian sweets). Gotta get started with my homework + essays right now.

But I'm in too good mood to study right now, after all I just got new clients :) Hehe. Life's goooooood.

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Fri, 7th Mar '03, 1:25 am::

Readin' the 'blog of Mar 7, 2002, I realized my this week's kinda been good too. Sure, it's not that beautiful outside, but things are going good overall. God I can't ever forget those good ol' days :) Totally loved spring.. can't wait for it this year either...

So what's my plans for spring break? Well not Aruba or Cancun or Spain or Hawaii :( Sadly can't afford it, since I'm trying to take summer classes this year. I'm gonna work 8-4 and will chill with my friends otherwise. Prolly going somewhere cool with my buddy Art :) Might catch a movie or two with Kat. I dunno... I just hope it doesn't suck as much as last year (cuz I had toooo much work then).

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Fri, 7th Mar '03, 1:20 am::

I'm listening to random Indian/Hindi songs and just chattin' with ppl online :) Life is good...

Totally random lyrics for the night: "haan haan yeh pyaar hai.... aur ab to khul ke mujhke ikrar hai... main deewana hoon mujhe pyaar hai... sun le dil ruba..."

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Thu, 6th Mar '03, 10:05 pm::

I was supposed to go home after my work, but freezing rain kinda messed up my plans. So instead had dinner w/ Mich and spent the evening with her. Just got to my room and about to hit the books. One thing's that making me mad right now is that AIM, ICQ, Google, CNN, and a lot of other major websites are not working for me right now! Kinda hard to do online research without good ol' Google :( Oddly enuf, my sites are all working. Fark is working but Yahoo is not. Real weird especially since Yahoo News is working. Hmm...

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Thu, 6th Mar '03, 12:45 pm::

I am sooooo mad @ this girl! WHY is the hottie calling me a worm in French!!! Urghhhhhh.

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Thu, 6th Mar '03, 12:15 pm::

Whoa! Guess what? My girl was on TV!!! Kathleen was on Price is Right at 11am today!!! Ok so she went to California last month for a meteorology conference and somehow landed on the Price is Right show and ended up winning $13,000! If you have a fast-internet connection then check out the full video here (37mb).

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Thu, 6th Mar '03, 10:10 am::

Tired of working already... Same old same old... Prolly gonna go home tonight :) Yummy yummy food...

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Wed, 5th Mar '03, 10:15 pm::

So I was just watching South Park and wondered how hard would it be for me to draw some of the characters myself. Well it's pretty hard (cuz I can't draw for my life) and impossible for me to make something like this. But then I found this sweet li'l tool that makes me Create a South-Park character myself :)

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Wed, 5th Mar '03, 10:00 pm::

Had a pretty looooong day today. Lotsa work and studies. Had a nice ice-cream @ Thomas' Sweets on Easton with Cher tonight :) She's in my Complex Variables math class.

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Wed, 5th Mar '03, 12:55 pm::

Here's the A-Z of Simpsons :)

March 5th already... my... how the days go by...

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Tue, 4th Mar '03, 8:55 pm::

How can I write a paper on 'Trauma and Literature' when I've had such a good day and am watching Comedy Central right now? Ahhhhhh I guess I'll manage somehow.

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Tue, 4th Mar '03, 8:45 pm::

So now they say burning plastic bags is better than recycling. See! I told ya Carlin was right!

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Tue, 4th Mar '03, 8:00 pm::

Ok I found myself a little ambition to achieve: Read each of these Top 50 Science Fiction & Fantasy Books (Ok maybe not Harry Potter, but at least every other book. Let's see how long it takes... 5 years? 10 years? Who knows...

Song for the day: "Chop Suey!" - System Of A Down

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Tue, 4th Mar '03, 7:40 pm::

Today was another pretty good day. Early morning (10 am!!!!!) Physics lecture and then all day work. Had early dinner with Kat... It was real sweet :)

Oh more news from the weird world of Chirag. So right after work I was returning to my room and was crossing this parking lot behind my office. I was walking diagonally across the lot and this girl in some fancy car kept circling down the lot and stopped RIGHT in front of me at every corner! First I thought it was just a coincidence, but then she kept smiling @ me and did that 7 times!!!!!!! And just as I walked out of the lot, she drove around in front of me, waved at me and just drove away... I smiled on the outside, but trust me I was pretty freaked out... I mean... what if she had been mad @ her bf or something? OOOOOOOOhhhhhh I'm not even gonna wonder...

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Mon, 3rd Mar '03, 10:50 pm::

And I have invented clean clothes yet again! Sometimes I surprise myself how amazing I am! I mean just two hours ago I had a bunch of dirty icky clothes and now my closet's full of fresh clean clothes. Nothing short of magic :)

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Mon, 3rd Mar '03, 7:35 pm::

Happy 03/03/03!!! Cool date huh!

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Mon, 3rd Mar '03, 1:25 am::

I went to Wendy's today and ordered extra-cheese on my cheese-fries :) I hadn't eaten some good unhealthy fast food in a loooong time, cuz I mostly eat salads, pasta, vegetables, fruit-juices and other healthy stuff. The guy @ the counter was amazed when I said extra-cheese and asked me if I was sure. I said: "Who wants to live forever..." I mean come on! This is yummy extra-cheese we're talking here...

Song for the night: "Who wants to live forever" - Queen

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