Sun, 9th Feb '03, 4:50 pm::

And I have invented clean clothes once again! I wonder after how many days do I do my laundry. Lemme check up my old 'blogs... Ok 'twas Jan 27. That's almost two weeks... not bad :) Only wash my clothes two times a month! But do I wear any clothes 2nd time? Hell no! I just have too many clothes :) Enough to last me for 20-25 days I think. So I wear all of them one after another and that way I cycle all my clothes and don't bother with laundry for weeks. Perfect plan!

Anyways, I think I'm too clean, neat, and organized to call myself a real college student! There's 6-7 rooms in the house and mine is the only room in which you can actually see the carpet. In every other room, there's clothes, papers, books, and god knows what else on the floor, just strewed around. I tried doing that in the first week I was here and hated it! I just can't get dirty anymore. LOL.

So I was supposed to go home tonight but plans changed. So now I have a few hours to do anything I want! Or more realistically, work and study. Cya world!

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