Tue, 25th Feb '03, 3:20 pm::

Oh where am I? I dunno. Been real busy this week with studies. Had Physics exam this morning. It went ok, nothing great. Math quiz yesterday was seriously bad. Tomorrow I have homework + process log due. Gotta start working on Econ lab soon. Ahh sooooo much to do. Anyways, taking a nice break tonight - Kath taking me to dinner and then going to a standup comedy show: Lewis Black Live in Rutgers! Yup! He's the new angry-old man, after George Carlin kinda mellowed down. No matter how much I curse Rutgers all the time, sometimes they do bring in great people :)

Take my Professor for 'Trauma and Literature' class, Dr. Martin J. Gliserman. He used to be the Editor-in-Chief of the American Imago Journal that publishes articles on psychoanalysis in contemporary cultural, literary, & social hisory. His class is probably the most intereting class I've ever taken (although I kinda get bogged down by the 10 novels I have to read during this semester). It's just amazing how much experience he has, from writings of Freud to history of literature, he pretty knows everything :) Yes, I know I sound like a teacher's pet right now, but I'm just being honest. He's indeed one of the best teachers I've ever had :)

Ok back to work!

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