Sun, 10th Mar '02, 11:55 pm::

Ah... Yet another fun day. I didn't 'accomplish' anything at all! Kinda relaxed all day to prepare myself for the loooong weeks ahead. I have sooo much stuff to do!

I made myself a nice techno-fast-music cd for when I work out. I listened to the cd when I drove to campus - Kath's apartment this afternoon. But she wasn't there so I just chilled out with Vicky for a couple of hours. Then I had to attend an International Student's meeting on Busch campus and when that was over, I came back to her apartment and Astrid was there too. She's such a sweety! We started talking bout her research paper and the topic changed slowly to Mahatma Gandhi. I felt sooo proud today talking to her about the man considered the 'Father of the Nation' (in India). She knew a few things about him, but I think I said enuf to make her interested enuf to read more about his philosophy and idealogy. Oh then me and Astrid tried to fight about politics but as I said, she's such a sweety that she can't even fight! Haha... (I know she's gonna kill me for saying this out loud here! HAHA)...

Then Astrid left and it was me and Vicky again. She's a really great person to talk to. I have a number of friends whom I talk to on a normal basis, but I just don't feel as relaxed or comfortable with anyone, as when I'm talking to Vic. It's pretty cool. Oh and she's going on a cruise next week to Cancun! The lucky girl! So we talked bout her vacation and what she's gonna do there. Actually, now that I think bout how annoying I was, she prolly hates me by now - cuz everytime she started talking bout something, I'd interrupt and start my own off-topic story! Haha... Ya, I still have that bad habit of 'talking'! LOL.

Song for the day: "Mea Culpa" by Enigma

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