Tue, 30th Apr '02, 11:25 am::

Word to the wise: When you have to sit in a car in line for annual vehicle registration and it's sunny outside, DO NOT WEAR A GODFORSAKEN BLACK PANT! I went to register our Mazda MPV at the South Brunswick Inspection facility wearing nice thick black jeans. As it turns out, I had to sit in the car for over an hour and there was NOTHING I could do to stop my legs from frying up! Ah the agony! Not even the AC on full-blast would help. Oh well, the registration process in itself was pretty simple and went without problems. Now I start working on my 10-page research paper for Exploration in Media Science.

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Tue, 30th Apr '02, 8:45 am::

This harassment by Toronto Airport customs of one of India's most famous and prolific actors: Kamal Hassan is pathetic, saddening, scary, and depressing. What are they doing in the name of 'fake' security!!! I can only imagine what they'll do to me when I go to India this summer. When I think about it deeper, I feel like taking some sweet revenge on these customs ppl. Maybe when they strip search me, they'll find me wearing interesting undergarments courtesy of Vicky's confedential clothes! Haha. God I'd love to get back @ these customs morons... I can't ever Ever EVER EVER forgive them for what they did to me in India on the day I left... urghhhh.... bad bad memories... not a good way to start your day!

Anyways I have a long day ahead of me, lots of important stuff to do :)

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Mon, 29th Apr '02, 12:40 pm::

Oh god! I had totally forgotten that the Calculus Maple Lab4 was due today! Thank god I was informed in time and managed to do it :) On to the three borrrrrrrring classesnow... Ah... is it May yet?

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Mon, 29th Apr '02, 12:10 am::

Why isn't it May already! We need May soon.

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Mon, 29th Apr '02, 12:05 am::

Online chat quotes by yours truly:

  • "If God had an email address, I'd send him a great flash thank you e-greeting right about now..."
  • "Ah email, the 4th essential food group."
  • "But I read it on the Internet! So it must be true!"

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Sun, 28th Apr '02, 2:15 pm::

Look what they did to Curious George!!!

Digicam Pic:
Curious George rides a tow-truck!

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Sun, 28th Apr '02, 12:55 pm::

I have SOOOOO much work to complete! There's a 10 page research paper due on Thursday and a lot of web site stuff is left too. Damn why did I even go to Cook yesterday! Haha. I really needed the break. That's why :) Anyways, I'll be with my cuzins all day today and we'll prolly watch a good hindi movie tonight or maybe go to Chi Chi's. Have to take a shower now and pick up Sneh from her SAT classes.

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YACP (Yet Another College Party)Sun, 28th Apr '02, 12:10 pm::

What a day! What a night! I'm talking about yesterday. Cook college has the AG-Field Day every year to mark the beginning of Spring. So I went there expecting a nice family gathering-type environment. As soon as I reached on campus I saw dogs... damn thousands of them! This was no ordinary picnic! Cook and Douglas have a huge campus area and ppl had opened shops, and set up tables over tens of acres. I went around the whole campus checking out all the stalls and events. It was just a smaller and americanized version of Kumbh Mela.

At 6 pm, I thought it was time to go home and relax. But before I left, I wanted to meet Kath and roommates. Imagine my surprise when I reached their apartment and she said, "Wow! Chirag you're here. The party is just starting!" Well you know the rules of the party already. Don't you? No need to repeat them. Anyways, it was different this time, since we moved from one party on Cook to other constantly. We, meaning, Kath, Ian, Vicky, Astrid, Eric, Mike, Jay, myself, and two really cool ppl I met for the first time: Dave and Lauren, both from Livingston campus. We're definitely gonna hang out with those two more often. Dave's like the ultimate party dude! Haha.

At 8 pm, I discovered that you don't need years of training under a choreographer to learn how to dance. Just 7-8 of these can do the trick!

At 10, Astrid comes in and tells us all there's free food near the dorms! Everyone else had all those meaty stuff like you know, burgers, hot dogs blah blah. Thank god for pretzels. I had 2. God I love 'em!

Anyways, by the time it was 11, we were all dead tired and sleepy (read: DRUNK!) and that's when the party-2-party jumping ended. We all went to Kath's and just crashed in her living room for over an hour just babbling randomly and laughing non-stop! Kath was her usual funny self. Dave was sooooo funny! I 'think' I cracked a lot of jokes too. God we were hilarious! Or MAYBE we just 'thought' we were funny! The sane world will never know. I crashed for the night there and drove back home in the pouring rain @ 6 am! I slept for 6 more hours and here I am now.

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Sat, 27th Apr '02, 11:15 am::

Yay! It's a Saturday! Today's the AG Field Day on Cook College. I'm hopefully gonna go there later this afternoon... :) It should be fun.

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Fri, 26th Apr '02, 1:30 pm::

Quote for the day: "The sole purpose of school is to provide students a place where they can meet with their friends in order to plan where they will meet after school." - Bruce Cameron

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Fri, 26th Apr '02, 1:05 pm::

I just realized how colorful my 'blog looks because of these digicam pics. Well, so I guess I'll be putting more and more useless random pics in here. I might put a few 'important' pics, but most of them will be just off-topic arty-type. Hehe.

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Fri, 26th Apr '02, 1:00 pm::

Remember that two days ago I mentioned the guy who made those Energizer bunny ads, Jay Chiat passed away? I found out yesterday through my campus newspaper that he was a Rutgers alumni (ex-student).

Digicam Pic:
Jay Chiat dies @ 70...

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Fri, 26th Apr '02, 11:05 am::

Just designed a new digicam section for this site. Anytime I take a neat pic with my Fuji digital camera, I'll put it on my 'blog in this way:

Digicam Pic:
Just a random pic of my desk

Digicam Pic:
View of my backyard from the window next to me.

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Thu, 25th Apr '02, 11:20 pm::

Oh wow! For once I'm actually studying something big these days in one of my classes. In my Discrete Structures Computer Class, we're studying Turing Machines and it actually relates to a major Clay Institute math problem called: P=NP? (BIG pdf file) conjecture.

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Thu, 25th Apr '02, 10:45 pm::

WIN FREE MONEY: Goto this Clay Institute site, solve one of these tiny basic math problems, email me the solutions, andIi'll give ya $100! That's a LOT of money :) You know you can trust me... right? And shhhh, if you solve any of the problems, don't tell anyone, esp. not some Princeton math whiz.

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Thu, 25th Apr '02, 10:05 pm::

Yet another long day is over :) I had a pretty good day actually. It was raining in the afternoon and got a bit chilly in the evening. My calc recitation class was pretty normal and the Media Sciences class went good too. At the moment nothing interesting going on in my life... Phew. Thank god. I can sit back, relax, and let time pass by (of course while writing a 10-page paper for my honors class!)

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Wed, 24th Apr '02, 12:40 pm::

All assignments done, studied enuf for the quizzes, hopefully prepared. Just sick and tired of the 8 hours of classes waiting for me now... Urghh...

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Wed, 24th Apr '02, 10:45 am::

So last night I was just too damn tired to explain nicely about my new site Education 411. Well for my research methodologies honors class final project, I had to make a resource that other people could use and benefit from. It doesn't have to be a website, could've just been a 10 page essay describing anything from how to open a new company to how to search a library for health related material. I decided to make a website (no surprises here huh? LOL) that guides a high-school student through the whole process of getting into a college here in US. The main reason was that my cuz Sneh is 15 and has just begun her college hunt. Basically my site should help her and all her friends find information online and offline more easily. Just fyi, I made the whole site in 10 hours flat non-stop! That's exhausting... trust me. Anyway, I have decided to keep that site up and running for as long as possible (doesn't cost me anything, except my time, which by the way is now $20/hr. Haha!) If you are a high school student planning to go to college then I would highly recommend you to check it out, not because it's my site, but because it is indeed helpful and informative. Well I've taken a LOT from the Internet. It's about time I contributed something.

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Wed, 24th Apr '02, 10:40 am::

This guy and this other guy have big backyards and waaaaaay too much time on their hands.

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Wed, 24th Apr '02, 9:40 am::

Some sad news. The guy who made pretty much every great ad. ever, from Nike's "Just do it" to the Energizer's "Keeps going and going" Bunny, has passed away. Also this young Channel V VJ Pooja died in a car accident :(

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Wed, 24th Apr '02, 2:15 am::

SUCCESS AT LAST! I'm pretty much done with my research methodologies project: Education 411. As a part of my honors class project, I made a website that helps high school students with the whole college-selection process. I made it basically to help my cuzin who has just begun her college hunt and of course I wanted a nice big fat A+ in this class. Haha. G'nite world... it's waaaaay too late to be awake. Oh and tomorrow I have two quizzes also! I haven't studied for them yet :(

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Mon, 22nd Apr '02, 9:35 pm::

Forgot to mention, yesterday I went to see Ice Age @ Regal Cinemas with my cuzins! The movie was soooo funny that I was like laughing at the top of my voice the whole time. And we had a BIG bowl of popcorn and coke :) I love Coke!

Then I went to Voorhees Chapel to see Kath sing in the Voorhees choir. Have to admit it... she looked sooooo sweet in the formal choir black dress. And there were 100 other girls too! Woohoo. Hehe. Plus it was neat meeting her dad. He's one big guy and looks like one of those rich hi-society corporate Business-class-only ppl! Hehe.

Quote of the day: "When you find a mate, you should be faithful, and in your case, grateful." - Manny the Mammoth to Sid the Sloth in Ice Age.

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Mon, 22nd Apr '02, 8:35 pm::

Good News: I finally got a decent permanent job on campus :) The pay is pretty good ($20/hr) and I get my own office, a super-fast server, and hopefully I'll be able to buy my own car soon :) The job's pretty complicated and I now have a LOT of responsibilities. I'll be working 20 hours a week during school days and 40-50 hours during vacations. They want me to start right away but well I have a lot of stuff to complete. The job starts as soon as I come back from India (prolly July-end or 1st August). I'm pretty excited @ the moment since I get to work on the main Rutgers internal databases and all cool classified stuff! I can't tell you exactly what I'm doing because if I tell you, I have to 'terminate' you. Haha. Today was a pretty good day for job hunters I guess. Kath got her old summer internship job back too. And my friend Chris from computer class also got a job! Hehehe...

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Sun, 21st Apr '02, 1:50 pm::

Here's some pics from yesterday taken by my new Fuji FinePix 2600z (Arstechnica review). This baby cost me $279.99 + tax. But then I also got 64mb Smart Media card on top of it and bought a 3-year warranty for $50! God I'm spending waaaay too much money. But it's worth it. And of course, I bought TWO of these, not just one. One for myself and one for my sister :) But she doesn't get the warranty cuz you know, it's kinda hard to send a camera back to US for repairs from India. LOL. Anyways, the original pics were in much higher res, but I scaled them down for my photo gallery.

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Sun, 21st Apr '02, 4:05 am::

G'nite oh lovely world... Haha...

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Hangin' out with The KhansSun, 21st Apr '02, 2:55 am::

(Warning: This is my longest 'blog entry EVER): OHHHHHHH MYYYYYYY GODDDDDDD!!!!!!! Today was probably the most surprisingly exciting day of my life EVER! If you're not Indian, there's a very high probability you will not understand my excitement. But if you are, then you probably won't believe me! Naya Andaz is one of US's biggest dance competitions for Indians. This year the chief guest was one of India's most famous choreographer Farah Khan! Also her brother Sajid Khan (scroll down a bit) was there too. (Sushmita Sen was supposed to come too but had schedule problems, so she could not make it.)

As I said earlier, I was handling the projector, live-video feeds, and of course the computer presentations that included the individual interviews of all the choreographers. Tough work but not impossible. Right from the start, I could literally feel the adrenalin in my body... I have a MASSIVE stage/backstage excitement content just like my dad. From 11 am today I was at the State Theater of NJ and only returned home to get dressed before the real show. I realized today how much I have always loved being a part of big shows like these and how great the feeling is when everything is working fine and well coordinated. One thing I have to admit, the theater team (sound, video, lights, backstage) provided by the State Theater itself has got to be one of the best in the country, if not the world. I've worked with tens of crews in the past but there was just so much perfection in each and everything these guys did, that it's beyond belief. Daddy, you would LOVE to work with them! Trust me. The light-man knew when the sound man would lower the volume and so he would fade out the lights at the same time, while the video-guy slowly zoomed out in sync. I mean, it was a symphony! Of course we were all on head-sets and communicated live to discusss what was supposed to happen next. The funny thing is, there were two shows going on, one on the stage, and the other off-stage in the headsets! It was soooo funny, the light man Craig would constantly curse the video guy's mom! LOL. I was laughing throughout the show...

Some not good news: My aunt's both groups: Sagar's Koi Kahe and Sneh's Mera Mahi, did not win :( I am pretty sad for it and I know Sneh is not gonna feel well for the next couple of days, since she had put all her mind, body, brains, efforts, energy, EVERYTHING into both the dances. My aunt also was disheartened but she's a fighter and understands well how fierce the competition was. I mean just getting one group in a competition like Naya Andaz is impossible, and my aunt had two groups! Funny thing is, just ONE year ago she did not even have dance students, and now she has her own Dance School : Aakar School of Dance with over 20-25 regular kids! So what if we lost Naya Andaz... things can only go up from here...

I am hereby thankful to Bill Gates for not crashing or killing my computer while the show was going on. Trust me there was ONLY one thing I was afraid of and that is a 10x12 foot Blue Screen of Death that the whole audience would see and laugh at! Thank god EVERYTHING went fine without ANY (not even ONE) problems! This is a major miracle in itself. Anyways, my main job was to display a video clip before every song and although seems a small little thingie, there's a lot of work involved. As soon as my last video was done, I went backstage hoping they'd announce my name so that I would come on stage to show off! Haha. And they did! Piraan, the main guy for Naya Andaz called me specially on the stage in front of thousands of people and made them give me a big hand because of the 'great computer projection work'! God I was in heaven. At that moment I was thinking, things cannot get any better! Boy was I wrong...

As I was about to pack up my computers/monitors/s-video outputters/blah-blah stuff-equipment, Piraan told me to come to the 'after party.' I was like... err... I don't want to, cuz what's the point of sitting in one corner of the table feeling all unimportant while the big-guys sit next to the chief guests and talk about the latest projects and industry gossip? So I said no but he insisted and thank god I said yes. I drove over to Akbar's restaurant on Route 1 and walked in at the same time as Piraan, Farah Khan, Sajid Khan, and oh yeah, that Kusum hottie from Kyonki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. I forgot to mention, she was the main hostess/M.C. of the show. Believe it or not, just cuz I had an all-access pass, EVERY YOUNG/OLD lady who saw me, literally begged me to take them backstage to meet Kusum. I was like... uh... no... sorry! But it's just weird. I've heard she's a big star in the TV serial, but since I've never seen it, I'm not too impressed by her, except that she's damn hot and almost as tall as me (or maybe taller). The irony is, we were talking backstage for like 10-15 mins and I was the one who was getting bored! Hahaha. Seriously! I don't like her personality a lot, so what can I say... I'm not interested. HOWEVER, I am a big fan of Farah Khan and have always liked her more than Saroj Khan or anyone else. So being at Akbar's with Farah Khan seemed like a good thing.

So guess what happens when I arrive at Akbar and everyone starts getting seated? All chairs are taken EXCEPT one and that was right next to Farah Khan! And guess who got to sit right next to Farah Khan for dinner? Yours truly... :) Yups! I was next to Farah and her bro Sajid was next to her. So, I actually had a great dinner conversation with the two, and not just sit in a far-distant corner smiling stupidly! Here's a little excerpt:

Sajid Khan: You know, although smoking is bad for health, it's pretty much the same as living in a polluted city, like Calcutta. Hey Chirag, you look thin! What happened? You started smoking?
Chirag: No, I come from Calcutta!
Everyone: HAHAHAHA.

Anyways, I had a really neat chat with Farah and in the end, obviously, we exchanged numbers :) The thing is, she doesn't have a website and is looking for someone to get her started with it. And what a coincidence! I am a web designer!!! Haha. At first I thought she's just another celebrity who will forget me after 2 hours, but she herself kept telling me over and over again to give her a call as soon as I'm in Bombay! And Sajid told me about his beach house in Juhu... and that we could get together definitely this summer and work out the web site stuff. Both of them want one each! Now this might be my big break into the industry. If I can do their site nicely, I can get a lot of other cool clients! Who knows.

For now, I am just walking 3 feet above the ground. I mean I just had dinner sitting right next to India's Filmfare Award winning choreographer and her brother who hosts one of the best game shows at the moment! And all I wanted this morning was my computer to not crash... That's all I was hoping for... and I got this... god sometimes life can be soooooo weirdly good.

It's 3:55 am right now and I have SOOOOOOOO much work/study to do tomorrow. Actually Farah asked me, "So Chirag you study full time in college, are doing computer and economics major, and YET you find time to do all these computer presenations. That is REALLY COOL" And I said, "You just choreographed Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan in K3G! How cool is THAT?"

Yeah this is prolly the longest 'blog I've ever written and if I actually see them again in Bombay this summer, then there's one more bigger blog coming up! Haha. Well I really don't care if for 'filmi' reasons I don't get to ever see them again or they don't reply to my calls or something, but I am just damn glad that things worked out beyond my wildest dreams today and that is enuf to get me through the next few weeks of hard work :)

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Sat, 20th Apr '02, 5:20 pm::

Tonight's the night! Naya Andaz 2002... I have to leave now for backstage setup. Will be back late tonight (prolly past 1) Wish me luck...

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Thu, 18th Apr '02, 9:30 pm::

Just got home. VERY exhausted. It would have been a totally forgettable day IF my friend Mary from my Media Sciences honors class had not taken me on a joy-ride pretty much all over the state! Our teacher ended the 3 hour class almost 2 hours early and so by 7 pm, we were free to go home :) Well Mary is a paralegal and I needed to show her some court documents etc. that my uncle wanted clarifications on. So instead of staying on-campus in some hot hellish lounge, we went to the Borders store in East Brunswick mall and hung out there for some time. She was really sweet and explained everything to me in layman's terms so that I understood what the whole court case etc. was about (don't worry, nothing crisis). Then she came to drop me off @ our house. Oh and on the way we stopped @ her condo to pick up some stuff and oh my god... her balcony has the BEST VIEW in the entire world! It is just sooo pretty I can't believe it... I HAVE to definitely check it out in the spring and fall when all the 1000 trees in the forest have flowers or change colors. So overall, today was one good day :)

Thought for the day: "God, grant me the serenity to accept a post I cannot change, courage to walk past the computer without turning it on when I'm running late for work, and the wisdom to know the difference between "come to bed now" meaning "lets have some fun" and "come to bed NOW" meaning that computer has got to go!!"

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Thu, 18th Apr '02, 11:10 am::

Song for the day: "Jeremy" - Pearl Jam

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Wed, 17th Apr '02, 10:30 pm::

I have to admit, I am REALLY bad at remembering everyone's b'days/anniversaries. I'm really sorry if I forgot yours lately. To make myself not forget any important day from now onwards, I made a free account at Memo to Me. It's a really neat service. Check it out. And if you are not my immediate family, there's a very high chance I don't remember your b'day, so please let me know. Thx.

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Wed, 17th Apr '02, 9:20 pm::

And now my day starts! It's bed time for most ppl and I have sooooo much to do. Well I had a nice cold shower so I feel pretty fresh right now. Today's Calculus exam was ok. I'm just glad it's over!

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Wed, 17th Apr '02, 7:45 am::

OOOOOH MY GOD! Guess who woke me up this morning? My soon-to-be brother-in-law from India on an international long-distance call! My eldest cuzin Nikita is getting engaged to Mehul soon and the marriage will be in July! And guess what? I'm gonna be there!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!

On a slightly pacified note, I have Calc3 exam today and I'm scared as hell. Yesterday whole day/night I was w/ Kath and we studied non-stop but I still don't feel all confident :( I hope I don't do as bad as my linear exams in this one.

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Tue, 16th Apr '02, 9:25 am::

Studies all day today :( No fun. Only work. Urgh....

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Mon, 15th Apr '02, 9:25 pm::

I feel sooo calm right now - took a long nice cold shower :) Here's something that I found online, some of which is sooo true:

10 things that may take a life time to learn

  1. You should never confuse your career with your life.
  2. Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance.
  3. Never take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.
  4. The most destructive force in the universe is gossip.
  5. There can be a fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness."
  6. People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them.
  7. No matter what happens in life, somebody will find a way to take it too seriously.
  8. Take out the fortune before you eat the cookie.
  9. A person who is nice to you but rude to the waiter is not a nice person.
  10. Your friends love you, no matter what.

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Mon, 15th Apr '02, 8:45 pm::

I feel like the damn Weather channel guy cuz I keep complaining about the weather in here all the time but oh my god... today ended up being SUUUUUCH a hot day!!!! Ahhhh.. I have a really bad headache :( I'm going to take a loooong shower and hopefully will feel better. Gotta study all night tonight :(

Anyways I got my Linear exam results back and I got worse than I expected :( But it's ok, this is 33% of the grade and I still have a big final coming up within a few weeks. So I 'can' make it up, but it'll be hard.

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Mon, 15th Apr '02, 11:00 am::

Song for the day: "Escape" - Enrique Iglesias

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Mon, 15th Apr '02, 9:35 am::

Naya Andaz coming closer... I'm almost done w/ the intro and the dance-teacher interview slides etc. I got 2 hours right now to finish it all up. Hopefully I will :)

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Mon, 15th Apr '02, 9:30 am::

I just found out my front-door neighbor is building a 24 foot swimming pool in his backyard!!!!!!! Woohoo!!! And we're really good friends with him too! Hope it's ready by the time I come back from India. Hehehe.

Have 3 classes @ college today - will prolly get my Linear exam paper back - I don't think I'll get more than 85/100 in this one. I really did bad :( But it's ok, I'm not too worried about my grades anymore. As long as I get B+ and A, I'm good. Hehe.

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Mon, 15th Apr '02, 9:25 am::

I can't believe I just killed a spider in the basement! Ewwwww! I was just working out and this big gigantic spider comes crawling at me and I just did what any cruel-heartless-human would - Stompy stompy stompy with my shoes. Urghhhhh. Well that ended my workout a bit too quickly though. Don't feel like working out any more. Kinda tired, but not too much.

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Mon, 15th Apr '02, 8:45 am::

It's not spring but it's still nice outside. Kinda humid but lovely... I just hope it doesn't get too hot. Anyways, there's some real big good news brewing in the family right now. Can't give much details @ the moment, but it's really really really happy news!

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Sun, 14th Apr '02, 2:20 pm::

Breaking News: My aunt's interview just came on AVS Tv!!! She's a dance teacher and both of her groups are participating in this year's Naya Andaz dance competition :) Junior group has my bro Sagar and in the senior group, my sis Sneh. Both the kids are REALLY good dancers and the big show is on 20th April in the State Theater of New Jersey! I can't wait for it! Oh and of course, I'm just doing some little work for the show also... like... handling the whole computerized video projection system all by myself! Hehe... I mean come on! It's always a full-family effort... right? Aunt - Dance Director, cuzins - Star Performers, myself - Video Projection, and my uncle - CEO of Applause and Cheering Corporation!

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Sat, 13th Apr '02, 11:05 pm::

I haven't written a lot in here since the past few days. I dunno why... I had a pretty good day today and though it was kinda hot outside, the weather is sure good. I was out in the yard helping my uncle pick up all the dead leaves spread out all over. I think it was prolly the most calming activity I've had in months... I'm not a professional writer, so I can't describe it that beautifully... but it was nothing short of meditation - made me feel much calmer, clearer, and spiritual. Hehe...

My cuz and I went to pick up a good movie from Blockbuster and ended up bringing home two movies (Airplane and The Bandits), 2 for $2 KitKats, and one crazy bread w/ crazy sauce + one large cheese pizza w/ extra cheese toppings from Litte Caesars! That's $20 up in the air spent within 5 minutes flat! Damn... hehehe... but ummmmm.... the pizza was soooo worth it! I saw Airplane, had heard a lot of good things bout it, but felt kinda disappointed. I mean although it was a good movie, it wasn't as funny as I expected. We're still watching the Bandits, half completed, will see rest tomorrow. Me need sleep now. G'Nite!

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Sat, 13th Apr '02, 2:05 am::

I'm glad I'm not a doctor.

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Thu, 11th Apr '02, 5:55 pm::

Song for the day: "The Middle" - Jimmy Eat World

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Wed, 10th Apr '02, 10:20 pm::

Had a long day @ college. Pretty mild day, nothing special. Just one of those I'll forget soon... hehehe... It was pretty good weather though... me likee this weather :)

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Tue, 9th Apr '02, 3:55 pm::

Woohoo! I can't believe I'm having such a great day today! The weather's wonderful, I did a LOT of my work, I completed all my assignments for Wednesday and Thursday, and I finally have some time to just sit back and relax... Might go out and play something with my cuzins... It's beautiful out!

Song for the day: "I wish you were here" - Incubus

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Mon, 8th Apr '02, 11:50 pm::

Tired. Had a looooong day. Haven't slept in 19 hours. I need to get some sleep. Had my linear exam today. It went ok. Nothing great. I might not get an A, but right now I don't care. I did my best.

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Mon, 8th Apr '02, 10:15 am::

Quote for the day: "The entropy of a system increases with time unless specific work is executed to maintain or reduce it." - Meir Lehman's "Second Law" of software evolution quoted from the Salon article : A unified theory of software evolution.

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Mon, 8th Apr '02, 9:40 am::

Woohoo! I got all the classes I wanted for my Fall 2002 semester! Yay! Since I'm in University College, I get to register for my classes BEFORE all the other regular students! Guess I'm just damn lucky... hehehehe... But oh well, it's a full load: 18 credits with 6 subjects! I'm thinking whether I should take an Honors class also or not... 21 credits *might* be an overkill. I'm not sure @ the moment... but the good thing is... honors classes never become full (I hope) so I can actually register for them just a day before Fall 2002 semester starts.

Anyway I have a big Linear Algebra exam today. I've been studying a lot. And I've also got a lot of work to finish by tonight. Urgh! I guess I'll just go to the library and study now :(

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Sun, 7th Apr '02, 11:40 pm::

Whoa! What's this? Indian males will finally have someone to talk to!

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Sun, 7th Apr '02, 4:30 pm::

Quote for the day: "Since I discovered fire in 1905, and invented the ruler in 1956, my life has been one long series of TLC and Discovery Channel specials." - supposedly Wil Wheaton.

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Sun, 7th Apr '02, 4:15 pm::

So I took a few more snaps of myself w/ my webcam. It's called: 'Black Shirt...' Hehehe...

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Sun, 7th Apr '02, 3:55 pm::

Went to Bombay Bistro restaurant. Stuffed myself. Can't move. Need assistance.

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Sun, 7th Apr '02, 12:55 am::

Quote for the night: "Life is little more than a loan shark: it exacts a very high rate of interest for the few pleasures it concedes" - Luigi Pirandello

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Sun, 7th Apr '02, 12:50 am::

And may I present... the UGLIEST car in the world!!!

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Sun, 7th Apr '02, 12:40 am::

I like this Times Of India article about India - Politics and Free Markets... Well there's hope... Things are improving...

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Sun, 7th Apr '02, 12:30 am::

I've been studying non-stop for the past 7-8 hours. Was working before that. Still have a lot of studies to do! Tomorrow all day studies.. urghhhhh...... No sleep, no fun - only studies :(

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Fri, 5th Apr '02, 10:00 pm::

I'm soooooo overworked right now it's not even funny! I was supposed to go to a movie w/ Kath, Vicky and their friends but I had too much work and plus there was a little problem with the ride to college too. So oh well... I get to stay @ home and enjoy work! URGH. Anyways, I was talking to my other friend Vicky, and something came up and here's what happened:

    Chime: I'm sooo scared!
    Vicky: Why?
    Chime: Because this is supposed to be the most 'fun' period in my life!
    Vicky: Oh. So you're afraid of the future?
    Chime: No! I'm afraid that someday in the future I'll actually look back on today and be all nostalgic and tell myself - 'Boy! Were those days fun or what!'
    Vicky: LOL

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Fri, 5th Apr '02, 3:30 pm::

Here's my schedule for Fall 2002 semester: 5 days of classes with 5 classes (8 hours) on Monday and Tuesday each, 3 classes on Wednesday, and 2 classes each on Thursday and Friday! That's a total of 21 credits ! This, my darling, is also known as cold-blooded academic 'suicide' ! God I need strength...

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Thu, 4th Apr '02, 5:25 pm::

I'm @ the comp. lab right now, just about to goto my Media Sciences class. Had a long boring tiring bad day! Urgh... The good thing is I got $50 extra from my last job! I was supposed to get $600 as per the contract but I got $650 :) Yay! Now I can use that money for the common good on a truly global scale (read: a new flat-screen monitor for yours truly).

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Wed, 3rd Apr '02, 11:25 am::

Now who the hell submitted this pic to Fark.com? Look what they did to it! LOL... *note to self: START STUDYING!*

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Wed, 3rd Apr '02, 11:20 am::

Well I have a LOT LOT LOT of studies to do and there's a 6 page paper due tomorrow, for which I have to read about 50 pages! I haven't even started it yet! Oh my god... I'm sooooo dead...

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Wed, 3rd Apr '02, 11:15 am::

In the lab right now. Today started as suuuuuch a beautiful day, but then I think it's already too hot for me outside right now :( The temperature is about 70F (21C) ! I'm good upto 65F (18C) but beyond that I start panting... LOL... Tomorrow's gonna be 52F (11C)... not bad... I can easily survive that :) But how the HELL will I survive the 90-100F (32-38C) temperatures when I go back to India this summer??? Oh my god... LOL... Hopefully I'll just stay @ home in a nice AC room talking to my mom, sis, and grandma :) Ahhhhhhh...

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Tue, 2nd Apr '02, 8:35 pm::

Here's some pretty pics of snow crystals with some more pics bundled with everything you ever wanted to know about snow crystals.

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Tue, 2nd Apr '02, 7:25 pm::

They say that Hyderabad is the cheapest city in India to live in and Calcutta (or Kolkata) is the 7th costliest. Bombay (or Mumbai) of course is the costliest. Uh... so what's new that this study found? Hehehe...

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Tue, 2nd Apr '02, 7:15 pm::

This study about sleep deprivation reminds me of my favorite quote from Oscars this year: "When I'm not working, I'm mean, moody, and difficult. Then when I find work, I'm even more mean, moody and difficult..." Maybe it'll be a good idea for me to... you know... er... SLEEP? Hahahaha... Actually I'm still a groggy and lazy-like from the looooong power-nap I had this afternoon. I was supposed to finish some work... but oh well...

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Tue, 2nd Apr '02, 6:55 pm::

I had a 15-minute power-nap today. It lasted for 3 and half hours. Kinda like Odd Todd who was interviewed by my friend Ken @ Comofo. God I love the internet and the ppl I bump into randomly...

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Mon, 1st Apr '02, 7:25 pm::

Tired as hell once again. I was thinking of making some good April's Fool prank by myself but looking @ the amount of work I have, I can forget that! Ahhhhh..... I need rest... Is it summer yet?

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Mon, 1st Apr '02, 11:00 am::

Ever wonder what is the secret behind Google's excellent search results?

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Mon, 1st Apr '02, 9:20 am::

Oh my god!!!! They caught Osama in India!!!

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Mon, 1st Apr '02, 12:45 am::

Mon, 1st Apr '02, 12:10 am::

Here's five things you can do only on a PC!

Quote for the day: "If ignorance is bliss, why aren't more people happy?" - some Mike Gantz from TechTV site.

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Mon, 1st Apr '02, 12:05 am::

Cool News: Internet Telephony legalized in India. Thankfully it's not an April's fool joke.

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