Fri, 15th Mar '02, 7:55 am::

Like normal people, I went to bed early last night at 1 am (that is EARLY for me!). But I guess it's my bad luck, I woke up @ 7 this morning! I mean even though I could have technically slept in till 9-10, I just woke up without any important reason :( Actually I woke up because I had a kinda weird nightmare. First of all, it's been a loooong time since I've had a dream/nightmare (cuz you know, your body first needs to get into the REM stage and I don't sleep enuf every night to get into this stage). So in this nightmare, suddenly the whole world was holding me accountable for my 'blog! Yes! Everyone took everything I said on this 'blog literally as my final decision and thoughts on a subject and questioned me non-stop all the time: "Chirag, on 6th Feb, 2002, you said that: 'Ok this is SCARY! I just came to read my own 'blog to see what's happening in my life... Ahhh...' Does this mean that nothing goes on in your life? Do you derive some abominable egotistical pleasure from reading what you wrote about yourself?" People... People... Please do NOT EVER do this to me or else I'll go crazy! I don't mean asking me stupid questions like this, but rather holding me accountable for this 'blog. Now in a couple of months I'm going home and I really really hope that nobody in Calcutta/Mumbai pulls out an entry from this 'blog and asks me to elaborate on that! Urgh... God this nightmare was awful! It scared the hell outta me, since everybody I knew was cornering me for something or the other. I hope this was just a nightmare and will not escape into reality. Phew...

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