Fri, 29th Mar '02, 3:05 am::

Had a pretty loooong day today. Woke up @ 7:30, going to bed after 3... Ahhhh... But it was good. Like most other Thursdays, for some reason, the weather was once again good. I chilled out w/ Kath for some time in the afternoon. We drove down to the McDonalds @ Brunswick Mall... then we did a little Maple lab work. Nothing great. Just a plain nice day... Then did some more Maple work with Vicky, Jim and this new girl I've become good friends with recently - Rebecca. God she's soooooo smart! She can fill up crossword puzzles like she's just copying the answers from somewhere! And I think she's the only one to ever beat me in hangman!

Well Kath's having a party tonight and it's going on even @ this moment... but I had to do sooooo much work that I coudn't go :( Oh well... There's always next week... hehe...

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