Sun, 31st Mar '02, 1:15 am::

Ahhhh... I'm soooo tired. Just got back some time ago from Sunny's sister : Sharmil's sweet-16 b'day party. It was pretty fun. I had a good time and I met a couple of cool ppl there - Neha and Sheetal. Both of them goto Rutgers... Neha's the daughter of former Indian actress/dancer Padma Khanna. And I think Sheetal is the 3-4th distant cuzin of my cuzin Sneh. But she's a sweet person. Hope I bump into her randomly in college someday. Hehe... Well thank god both these girls were there or else I'd have been bored @ the party... hehehe... cuz Sunny was all busy w/ organizing/coordinating everything... and I did not know almost anyone else there... Right now I'm tired beyond my limits... Good night world...

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