Tue, 1st Oct '02, 11:45 pm::

I'm shopping around for a good auto-insurance provider. My current contract will end in a few months and so I'm trying to get something cheaper than what I have @ the moment. I know a few things though: Cuz of my little accident in January this year, my insurance costs are gonna go waaaaay up! And when I buy a car, it'll add major costs to my insurance. But one thing I've learnt hunting online lately, is that picking an insurance company is a pretty complex job and no matter what price you get from one guy, you HAVE to shop around a lot before you settle down for anything in particular. And next year if they try to raise your premiums, just shop around again. Of course, changing insurers every year is NOT a good idea, but if they decide to double the premiums (as I'm sure mine will), it's better to go with someone else who might charge only $100 extra, and not double.

Yeah, life's about making simple decisions from a selection of complex variables. Like, do I want to buy a car or not? A simple yes or no question, but there's a lot of thinking that often goes into making the choice. As time goes by I'm getting more and more impatient with this question. Slowly I'm diverting to the 'yes' part. Everyday I waste a lot of time waiting for buses or commuting by mass transit. I can save 2-4 hours per day (YES!) if I actually drove to college and back, and did not have to stay on campus in between classes that were 5 hours apart. Also I do not need to leave the house at 7:30 am on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, cuz my classes start at 10. However, since my uncle can only drop me off @ 7:30, I have no choice. If I had a car, I could work/study 2 hours from home and then just leave for college @ 9:30. I was definitely gonna buy a good new car this August, but I couldn't cuz my college tuition was raised by $2000! That was my allocated budget for car. But now some things have changed, and I think I'll be able to shell out a few grands this year to buy myself a nice crappy old 1995-1997 used car, that will prolly last 12-24 months and at least save me 2-4 hours everyday. My budget is definitely less than $3000, more around $2000. Ahhhhh, let's see what happens. I'm too sleepy right now to think right.

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