Fri, 4th Oct '02, 2:25 pm::

OH MY #$%$% GOD! What a rockin' day already! I just came home and my monitor's in! This is the last 'blog (hopefully) that I write using my old 17" CRT. And then I checked my emails and my instant messangers and ohoooooooo!!! There's just soooooo many ppl who just wished me. I feel all special right now. Let's add to the listing:

Manzinder (the girl with the cute car) was the first, right in my Discrete II class and later she emailed me this really funny greeting card. She's sooooo fun to hang out with. Seriously. We skipped half our Discrete class and went to the Busch Student Center just to chill (and do some icky homework). Then it was Steph, and then Kathleen called. We talked for over 30 minutes! It's really been a longgggg time since I talked to her. We never see each other anymore :( Oh well, good thing is she's giving me a lil treat on Monday, so it's all good. Anyways, more to the list: Vicky (Kath's old roommate), Resha, Ritesh, Ashish, Elaine, Bruce & Tamara! Elaine sent me this really neat greeting. Thanks a lot :) And Bruce and Tamara just knocked me out of my senses with the BEST GREETING CARD EVER! No seriously! They sent me the single most best greatest greeting card ever in the world. It's a short powerpoint presentation, starring, *hold your breath*, my favorite awesome dude: StrongBad! Guys, I've already said this 10 times on this 'blog that you are the two COOLEST people in the wolrd, and today you just proved it yet again. Download their StrongBad birthday card here (140kb).

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