Mon, 7th Oct '02, 11:05 pm::

I'm soooooooo sick and tired of studies! Well I didn't even feel like saying anything in here tonight. But then I HAVE to mention the cutest thing Vicky (from Calc2/3 and now in Physics Lab with me) did. She literally snuck in (right under my eyes) a sweet little chocolate cup-cake in the Physics Lab and kept it hidden till after the class. Right after the class, she took me out in the lobby, from somewhere whipped out a musical candle (yup, a candle that plays the Happy B'day tune!), lit the candle, and then asked me to blow it out. I was like whoa! Cool! And the cup-cake was sooooooo good too! Thanks Vicky!

G'nite world now. I'm tooooooo tired. Mentally.

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