Wed, 9th Oct '02, 10:25 am::

From my friend Steph's newly designed site:

    Zeroism: "I am a zero. I am nothing and everything all at once. My thoughts encompass direct opposites at the same time. I am more than just one thing. I stand for nothing and by that I stand for everything. Its difficult for me to explain in words what I am. I do my best, but I fear that I confuse you even more. I live in more than one paradigm. I can understand the point of view of two opposing forces and agree with them both at the same time. In a way, I am almost a catalyst for conflict. Although, I do not directly start conflict. I just don't stop it. I see that there are exceptions for everything. I know that there is no such thing as tangible knowledge. Everything fluctuates, everything is movement. Knowledge comes from the thought that we know something. But in the act of truly knowing something we lose its reality. As knowledge changes around us, we are stuck knowing things that no longer fit. We must be open to change, to the seemingly hypocritical. We must understand deviance and the difference between wrong and different. We must encompass many things at once. That is what it is to be a zero. "

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