Thu, 17th Oct '02, 8:40 pm::

I have NO idea what happened to me yesterday. I came home all tired from college, sat in front of my desk, opened up all my work, and next thing I know it's 6:45 am! I literally slept on my chair!

Anyways, I had a pretty good day @ school today. The whole morning I spent @ my old office building, having some serious meetings with Elaine, Doug, and later with Kathrine & Mary Jo. It's kinda funny because Mary Jo's son Nick is a friend of mine. Hehe. Well all the meetings went pretty well and I have enuf work piled up for me for the next 6 months. Hey that means 'bling bling'. .. Hehe. Some of the projects are pretty cool and very important. Seriously. I'm literally gonna become an indispensable part of the Rutgers Business office now, having created over 4 big systems!

Oh well, after work, studies went ok. I half-slept in the Calc 4 class, cuz it was sooooo boriiiiiing. After class, I chilled for over an hour with my new friend Lisa, also from the Calc class. It's odd how I found most of my best friends in math classes. But damn, she's a pretty neat girl. She actually gave me a free ride home! Yay! Saved me mucho money. Hehe. The neat thing is, we both have a common friend - Steph - the really good artist who helped me make this site. Oh and since Lisa and I both have a free period on Tuesdays and Thursdays after our Calc class, we can hang out @ the Busch student center & stuff. Phew. Finally some real friends to chill with!

Ok, got lots of work to complete tonight. Have to catch up on all the stuff I didn't do last night either. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Have fun & be good. Cya later!

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