Sat, 19th Oct '02, 8:20 am::

Awake and online! I made a new online friend - a guy who works 24/7, and makes software, just like me. Hehe. Check out his site - East Bay Technologies. He's damn smart, and works in VB just like me. I was just giving him some free web-design tips. Hopefully he can return the favor by helping me beta test my softwares/websites in the future.

Well I have a long day ahead of me. Last night I successfully completed the Physics webassign. Yay for the me! Haha. Today I got lots and lots of work @ my job on campus. Ahhhhh. But it's cool. I'm gonna enjoy it, cuz it's some pretty interesting stuff.

In other news, life's good. I get exhausted a lot, but overall my mood is on the happy side. Hehe.

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