Tue, 22nd Oct '02, 8:45 am::

Ah wonderful Tuesday mornings - me in the Livingston lab. It's nice, cold, and dry outside. I'm listening to Castles in the sky by Ian Van Dahl on my mp3 player. (Damn she's hot!) I have no exams, quizzes, tests, assignments, or homework due today. I'm free! Freedom smells good. Hehe.

Last night I finally received this Photo Objects 2-CD pack that I had ordered almost a month ago. It is a collection of 10,000 hi-res digital photos (not crappy cliparts). I copied both the CD's to my hard drive and then started using it. It's such a nice software, I would highly recommend it to all web designers and anyone who likes making PowerPoint presentations. Within just 2 mins of using it, I was able to create some really neat pics. Of course, I'm not gonna go crazy and post all the pics I make in here, but I'm sure you'll see them all in the next website I make. It's good stuff.

Song for the day: Where are you going? - Dave Matthews Band.

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