Sun, 27th Oct '02, 8:40 pm::

How I feel: "I am so high... I can hear heaven..." from the song Hero - Chad Kroeger

I dunno why. I just feel all happy. Maybe cuz I finished my Physics webassign, made my schedule for Spring 2003 semester, and completed this site (except for one feature)...

My schedule for the next semester is pretty intense once again. Physics Lecture + Lab, Design & Analysis of Computer Algorithms, Math - Complex Variables, Econometrics, and an honors class, scarely titled, "Trauma in Literature." I have no idea what they're gonna teach me in half of these classes, but I guess it'll be pretty interesting. Hey at least I'll have Thursdays off! That way I'll work on Thursdays and get Saturdays off. Right now I'm working on Saturdays cuz my whole week is busy.

Ok time to get back to more studies and work.

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