Mon, 10th Jan '05, 8:15 pm::

I am officially a dumbass. Having foolishly destroyed my keyboard a few days ago, I decided to go to WalMart after work today to get me a new keyboard. Here is the list of things I got from WalMart tonight for $120: Groceries, Wine, Toothbrush, Vitamins, Cough Drops, Kitty Litter, Kitty Food, Water, 2 Sleeping Bags, Gasoline, and a lil junk food for my friends when they come down here. Guess what I didn't get... that's right! A new keyboard! Oh well, I have 3 computers in my apartment so I'm using one from my server right now.

Anyways, things are good as usual. Work is exciting. Got a few computers to setup and a few websites + presentations to complete. After that I get to plan and develop my new awesome software.

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