Mon, 31st Dec '01, 8:05 pm::

Woohoo! New Year's Party @ House right now! Pizzazzzzzzzz!!!!!

Happy New Year Everybody !!!

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Mon, 31st Dec '01, 11:35 am::

Tonight is New Year's Eve. I miss my family and friends. But it's gonna be good fun tonight. We're having 20+ ppl over and I'll host a couple of games for everyone. Plus there'll be pizza!!! Yey!!!

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Mon, 31st Dec '01, 11:30 am::

How imminent is the India-Pakistan war? This article says the war could brake out as soon as Thursday, January 3, 2002.

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Mon, 31st Dec '01, 11:25 am::

Damn! Harshad Mehta is dead! Don't worry, he's not related to me :) He was a really big stock broker who manipulated the Bombay Stock Exchange in the early 90's; a pure rags to riches story.

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Sun, 30th Dec '01, 4:40 pm::

Have you ever wondered if we are actually living in a computer simulation like in movies like The Matrix / Thirteenth Floor etc. ? Here is a full fledged in-depth philosophical argument: Are You Living In a Computer Simulation?. For more articles on this topic, check out The Simulation Argument.

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Sun, 30th Dec '01, 4:35 pm::

Surprisingly, my winter break is going pretty good! Just got back from bowling @ The Brunswick Zone. We had bumper lanes and even then the highest score (mine) was a bare minimum of 101! We need a LOT of practice.

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Sun, 30th Dec '01, 12:20 am::

I'm a Sophomore in College. That means I'm in my second year. Ever wondered what the origins of the word 'Sophomore' were?

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Sat, 29th Dec '01, 11:55 pm::

Believe it or not, Terminator 3 is in production and will release in 2003. I just hope that they don't screw up. Terminator 2 is one of my fav. films ever.

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Sat, 29th Dec '01, 11:50 pm::

I think I just downloaded about every song on The Billboard Top 100 chart. God! Sometimes I have just too much time on my hands. Actually I'm looking for this one song and I dunno whom to ask. So I'm just listening to every song that I can get my hands on.

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Sat, 29th Dec '01, 10:30 pm::

Wooohooo! The Man Show is on! Cya later!

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Sat, 29th Dec '01, 10:25 pm::

Today was a pretty relaxed day. My aunt cooked Vegetable Manchurian for the first time and boy was it good! She found the recipe online. I am soooo stuffed @ the moment...

Tomorrow will hopefully be another relaxing day. I need to get as much rest as possible before college starts again.

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Sat, 29th Dec '01, 10:20 pm::

Finally I get some time to chill out all by myself. Well yesterday I had a lot of fun @ Kath's; met many of her friends again and made new friends. And just fyi, I only had one shot of Bacardi and nothing else.

Yesterday I also saw Lord of the Rings. Now that is one good movie! I can't wait to see the part 2 of the movie next year.

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Fri, 28th Dec '01, 11:15 am::

Ahhhh. I'm sooo tired. Just compiled a video cassette of dances performed by my cuzin sis & bro for entry in Naya Andaz Competition 2002.

Today I'm going to see Lord of the Rings! Yay!

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Thu, 27th Dec '01, 10:30 pm::

I got the results of three of my courses and thankfully got A in all three: Calculus, Economics, and Music. I'm REALLY worried about my Statistics I grade. I think I messed up a big 20 points question! I hope I get a good grade in Meteorology also.

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Thu, 27th Dec '01, 5:35 pm::

Today was a great day! My uncle/aunt went to NYC for post-Xmas shopping and got me a nice cologne! It's Versus by Versace. It smells soooo good.

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Wed, 26th Dec '01, 11:35 am::

Woohoo! I got this article: The 2001 Dubious Achievement Awards in technology posted on Yey! I feel special... That's 3 articles so far!

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Tue, 25th Dec '01, 9:35 pm::

Oh my god! If I eat any more food I'm gonna burst out like a balloon! We had my uncle's brother and his family over for dinner tonight and it was a lot of fun. His two daughters (Avani and Payal) are pretty cool :) and it was nice seeing them again. Right now I'm just soooo tired... I need rest...

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Mon, 24th Dec '01, 10:35 pm::

Just saw Ocean's Eleven. Another good movie. Here's a preview.

Went to Lorenzo's today for some good Italian dinner. I had Fettuccine Alfredo. It reminds me of my mom's Vegetable Au Gratin... Ummmm...

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Mon, 24th Dec '01, 2:30 pm::

Now that college is closed for a month, there is not much to talk about. Yesterday we went to Chichi's for dinner. The food was pretty good. I like Mexican food. Now I get back to designing sites and blah blah blah computer stuff. Boring boring boring. But tis ok, cuz I like it.

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Sun, 23rd Dec '01, 1:20 am::

I'm just sooo sleepy right now. In fact, I'm even sleepier than these guys !!!

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Sun, 23rd Dec '01, 12:15 am::

Kath's friend Astrid was online a while ago and she just told me that I HAVE to come to the Dec. 28th party on campus! Yey. Me glad. But this time, me no drinking. Yuck! I'll just stick to coke cuz it doesn't make me feel all weird the next day. Haha.

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Sun, 23rd Dec '01, 12:05 am::

My dad, mom, and uncle/aunt just called from Bombay!!! Me sooo happy.

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Sat, 22nd Dec '01, 10:15 pm::

Just saw The Family Man. Good movie. Read the review.

Today was pretty much a normal stay@home day. Didn't do much. Tomorrow I might start working on the websites and everything for my clients. Workie workie...

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Sat, 22nd Dec '01, 12:50 am::

Oh my god... I love X-mas and I'm not even a Christian. Hehe. Actually I like the gift-giving/getting thing (more so the getting part). Well I didn't get a lot of gifts, but the two I love the most are from my friends Kath and Steph. Kath got me this really cool diary/organizer/telephone-book/everything I'd ever need :) And Steph drew this for me! Can you believe that? My own action-figure portrait? I'm an action figure! Woohoo! Well actually 4 years ago, my sister paintbrushed me too. Boy! I sure have changed. Haven't I ? Umm... Maybe not. Haha...

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Sat, 22nd Dec '01, 12:45 am::

Just found these two really funny articles on BBSpot:

---- Hard Drive Sick of All This Crap
---- Gates Announces Security Death Squads

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Sat, 22nd Dec '01, 12:30 am::

I am full of tears right now ;-( No I haven't been cutting 100 onions again! I just saw Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and I cried for 2 hours non-stop. Actually this is probably the first time I have seen a hindi movie without criticizing each and every frame of it. The reason I wasn't pointing of directorial screwups was not because the movie was perfect or great or wonderful... but rather because I was too busy remembering, thinking about, and missing my family ;-(

Of course, I loved the movie too. It was really well-made and here's a very good review of the film. See there is a reason why I don't see hindi movies so often... they just remind me of what I am missing... what I have left behind... what I love the most in my life... my family. Men don't cry. I don't like to cry. Such films make me cry...

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Fri, 21st Dec '01, 7:45 pm::

I've modified this 'Blog to make it more readable. The latest entry appears on the top, and then all the past entries appear chronologically (from old to new).

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My first college partyFri, 21st Dec '01, 7:10 pm::

Phew. Finally got some time to write bout the party last night. Ok, I publically admit it... last night was the first time I actually got drunk! Yep. Me drinkin' alcohol. It wasn't beer. Beer's icky. I think I had like every random drink under the sun... Don't even know what I had. Ok here's what happened basically...

My friend Kathleen was having her old high-school friends over to her apartment to party last night (Thursday, Dec. 20). I had an exam on today at 12 noon. So I wasn't really sure if I should go and party all night or not, but oh well... she was just sooo nice that I couldn't refuse. Plus I wanted to meet all her girlfriends she talked about all the time ;-) So I went and oh my god... were they _____ (insert adjective of your own choice: cute / hot / great / nice / bootylicious).

The agenda for the party was pretty simple:

  1. Drink...
  2. Repeat step 1.

Haha! But damn it was fun. See the problem is a lot of people I know read this 'blog, so I can't be really graphic here. In short, I had a LOT of fun. I woke up this morning with no sign of hangover or anything. In fact I am pretty disappointed with the whole getting-drunk thing. I had like 10-12 shots of rum/tequila/vodka/whatever, 5-6 glasses of mixed drinks, and God only knows what else and I still felt nothing! But it was really fun to discover that I could not walk in a straight line! Haha!

There were a few pics taken... and I think I am in a couple of them. Will post the pics in here and on my photo gallery when I get them.

And don't worry Kath. You did NOT spoil me! Remember... I had my first beer before I learnt how to ride a bicycle! But of course the nicest part of the night that made me feel all mushy and blushy... was when Kath introduced me to all her friends and said that I was her bestest friend on campus :) At first I thought she was joking (or maybe a little tipsy) but turns out she was serious... Awwwwww girl! You're just sooo nice yourself. It's really great to have a friend like you :) Dammit! Now I miss my buddies Chetan and Vishal from Calcutta. God I love my friends...

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Fri, 21st Dec '01, 2:55 pm::

Last night was soooooo good!!! We partied like crazy all night @ Kath's apartment and I met all of her school friends. Details to follow once I get sober... Haha...

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Fri, 21st Dec '01, 2:50 pm::

Phew! College is OVER!!!!!! Just got back from Meteorology exam. I think I did pretty good. I got A in Music and Economics!!! Yey! Me happy.

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Wed, 19th Dec '01, 10:20 pm::

Quote for the day: "The bad thing about being an optimist is that you often get disappointed." - Chirag Mehta

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Wed, 19th Dec '01, 6:25 pm::

Here is something that all the girls will like...

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Wed, 19th Dec '01, 5:10 pm::

Oh my god! SUCH a big coincidence! On an Internet survey, conducted by the British Association for the Advancement of Science, this joke about Sherlock Holmes was awarded "The World's Funniest Joke" title! The coincidence lies in the fact that, about 3 years ago I started my own joke mailing list (some of you are still on it!) and sent this same joke to 50000 people in one night. Of course, it was a big spam attack and I got into a lot of trouble for it, but yes, this is the joke I personally think is the funniest also. Somehow this brings back sweet memories of the Chime Jokes-by-email (Joke Master) days. You prolly never heard of it but it remains a very special era to me. I met some of my best online friends during that time. I learned how to write my own smtp servers during that time. And that was when I started developing software and designing graphics in the name of Chime Softwares.

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Wed, 19th Dec '01, 4:40 pm::

The Groove Chamber is by far the coolest site I've seen in weeks, with about 20 different flash animations/toys. Some of them are just soooo funny. Like check out The Groove Chamber Trio where u can conduct your own jazz music! It's by some Canadian-Indian couple Nikhil & Alison Adnani. Great work guys!

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Wed, 19th Dec '01, 1:35 pm::

Song for the day: In the End by Linkin Park - "I tried so hard; And got so far; But in the end; It doesn't even matter..."

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Wed, 19th Dec '01, 11:45 am::

I think I should memorize these soon.

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Wed, 19th Dec '01, 10:55 am::

Gotta study Stats I today. Exam tomorrow. All my friends think I'm weird cuz I study a lot! I'm sorry guys. I HAVE to study. That's the way it is.

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Wed, 19th Dec '01, 10:00 am::

Good morning. Just received some wonderful news -> I have been ordered by Kathleen and her roommates to party with them on Thursday right before my meteorology exam on Friday! I love my friends :) Meteorology exam is not that hard and I need like 80% to get an A. So all's good. Finally, I'll meet all the friends of my friends. Too bad college's gonna end soon. I mean, the part about no-more-studies-for-a-month is good, but college getting over also means I don't get to see my buddies for a whole months :( And I don't get to see Michele :( Booohoooooo

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Tue, 18th Dec '01, 4:55 pm::

Economics over. 3 down, 2 to go. There is a 50/50 chance that I'll get an A or B. No idea though. Hope I'm lucky.

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Mon, 17th Dec '01, 11:55 pm::

One of my friends from Rutgers, turned out to be a hidden genius. He's a videogame developer and 3d graphic designer and some of his stuff is pretty neat. Check out his site.

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Mon, 17th Dec '01, 10:50 pm::

I'm supposed to be studying right now, but I just don't have the energy to think. Still under the influence of the brain damage inflicted by 72 hours of Calculus. Anyways, here are some photographs of young Afghan children. Just take a look and tell me if you are not moved instantly.

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Mon, 17th Dec '01, 10:30 pm::

I didn't get a lot of problems correct in my Calc2 exam. But I sure as hell got a 100% in this Microsoft Compliance Quiz.

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Mon, 17th Dec '01, 8:50 pm::

Calc2 done. Two down, three to go. Don't ask me about it. It was sucky.

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Mon, 17th Dec '01, 11:00 am::

I slept over @ my friends' apartment on campus cuz we still have a lot of calc to study :( Tonight I have my Calc2 final and tomorrow, the dreaded Macro Econ! Pray for me.

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Sun, 16th Dec '01, 9:20 am::

I don't play a lot of games, but this Electro Air Hockey game is NEAT!

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Sun, 16th Dec '01, 8:05 am::

I've just wasted about two hours doin' next to nothing. LOL. Anyways, my X-mas 2001 Wish-list is ready. Anybody wanna contribute towards it? Come on! It's just the simple things in life that I desire. Haha. Check out my wishlist here. Warning: Not for the faint hearted, easily offended, or my family members.

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Sun, 16th Dec '01, 6:45 am::

Now that I've seen this, I wanna be Santa!

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Sun, 16th Dec '01, 6:15 am::

This is what happens when I goto bed like normal people at 12 midnight - I friggin' wake up @ 6:00 AM ! Now I can't sleep anymore. So I might as well start goofing around online or just pick up that darned Macroecon book and study! I dunno... I'm feeling really cranky right now. I thought I'd get some sleep if I slept early, but nooooo... Little Chirag's got insomnia :(

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Sat, 15th Dec '01, 6:10 pm::

Sat, 15th Dec '01, 6:05 pm::

This has got to be the COOLEST course any university can ever offer : "The Simpsons and Philosophy: The D'oh! of Homer", offered by the Siena Heights University

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Sat, 15th Dec '01, 5:50 pm::

More Indian Stuff: Indian geologist's have discovered fossilised rain drops that are more than a BILLION YEARS OLD! Go India!!!!!! Read this BBC News article for more details.

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Sat, 15th Dec '01, 5:30 pm::

Indian Social Stuff: Just met with one Mr. Piraan who organizes the Naya Andaz show in New Jersey every year. We might have some kinda deal coming up. I'm just crossing my fingers. If it works out, I might get a little money, lots of fame. Let's see...

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Sat, 15th Dec '01, 1:10 pm::

If you ever want to find a few nice quotes on some specific topic, you can get them here at Quotablequotes.Net

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Sat, 15th Dec '01, 12:20 pm::

I'm off to study Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis. But I already know that there is no way I can possibly get an A in this class :(

Studies suck! I hate college. And can u believe that I only slept for 4 hours last night?

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Sat, 15th Dec '01, 12:15 pm::

Do you have a pet dog/cat? Now a new machine by Lavakan (which means Dog Shower) can shower your pet automatically. Unbelievable, but it's true and quite humane.

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Fri, 14th Dec '01, 4:50 pm::

Ok I never post stuff like this, but this is just toooo cuddly and sweet. For all the girls out there... here's a warm .......

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Fri, 14th Dec '01, 4:40 pm::

I'm really happy that National Science and Technology Foundation of Japan awarded the Japan Prize to Tim Berners-Lee - the inventor of the World Wide Web.

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Fri, 14th Dec '01, 3:00 pm::

Well I'm gonna get a Social Security Card/Number soon. I need it for my on-campus job starting in Jan 2002.

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Fri, 14th Dec '01, 9:50 am::

First final exam completed: Intro to Music 101. One down, four to go.

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Thu, 13th Dec '01, 7:50 pm::

Thu, 13th Dec '01, 5:10 pm::

Today is one of those days when nothing happens. I just stayed on campus and did some studies. Boring.

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Wed, 12th Dec '01, 9:10 pm::

I'm going to bed early so that I can wake up early tomorrow.

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My first jobWed, 12th Dec '01, 9:00 pm::

Good news. I got an on-campus job starting January 2002. Pay is a measly $10/hr but the nice thing is, I get my own office with a powerful Dell Workstation Server. The work is mostly access database management (programming and source code updating) in MS ASP.

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Tue, 11th Dec '01, 11:25 pm::

I'm sooooo lucky. I'm soooooo happy.

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Tue, 11th Dec '01, 10:05 pm::

I have to do something about this uncontrollable urge to talk about Michele-this and Michele-that all day! Moreover, this is MY PERSONAL BLOG. So there's NO WAY I'm gonna talk about her anymore in here. Right? Good.

Errrrr.... I just realized... I have almost nothing to talk about now. Just kiddin. I attended a Board Members' Only meeting of the Driving School Association of New Jersey and gave a presentation of the various Web Design services etc. offered by Chime Softwares. I think it went pretty well. Let's hope we get some good clients now.

Pssssst... In case you were wondering, yes I did see her today. Oh and I got a nice hug too! I'm soooooo happy. I don't wanna disclose any secrets here, but something tells me things are gonna get interesting soon.

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Mon, 10th Dec '01, 4:00 pm::

Went to the police station today to get the accident report. It wasn't that bad after all. The cop's report said both cars were at fault, so I'm not the only guilty one here. Phew...

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Mon, 10th Dec '01, 3:50 pm::

So I was with Michele today, in the RU Student Center - studying... LOL. Well we did atleast some work. So it's not like we wasted a lot of time chatting about nothing... Hey, she's fun! So who cares! And for the 20 ppl who emailed me asking what happened to the Anonymous Calc Girl, well read the news alert on Dec. 08! It's all there...

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Sun, 9th Dec '01, 4:40 pm::

Senseless Quote for the day: All facts are just someone else's opinions...

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Sun, 9th Dec '01, 1:00 pm::

One word:   S T U D I E S !!!

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Sat, 8th Dec '01, 9:00 pm::

Wooohooo!!! My aunt 'n cuzins went to the mall and brought me more clothes! More clothes!!! Let's see who notices my new clothes next time I wear 'em. :)

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Sat, 8th Dec '01, 5:45 pm::

Well, I'll admit I was studying right now. Just got up for a little break. My friends think I'm the craziest person on earth cuz I study all day. I have nothing to say in defense :( Anyways, a friend of mine just sent me this funny thing, which describes My Kind of Diet. Check it out. It's funny. (Something tells me this is more like Michele's Kind of Diet. LOL. Oh my! Now she's gonna kill me. Damn. Pray for my survival guys. Cya.)

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Sat, 8th Dec '01, 12:40 pm::

NEWS ALERT: Well if you've been in touch w/ my life (most likely through this blog) then you've probably heard me ogle about The Anonymous Calc Girl. Right ? Well, the name's Michele. Michele with a single 'L'. Yesterday we met again @ the bus stop after Calc2 class and we started chatting. She's pretty fun to talk to (but she'll admit I'm even more fun ! HAHA). Well after coming home, I went online and saw that she was on too. So we kinda like started chatting @ 4:30 pm and next thing I knew, it was 1:30 AM !!!! It's really surprising that I did not bore the hell out of the poor girl. Haha.

Well, she actually went through my whole 'blog and was quite happy to know that she was the anonymous calc girl! Haha. And now she wants me to say nice things about her. No way! I'm not gonna lie on my blog. Right? Oh well maybe a little. Ok, here'z a small little lie for you Michele:

    "You're cute, nice, and sweet. Oh and did I mention - perfect?"

Happy? Haha

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Fri, 7th Dec '01, 9:30 pm::

Something REALLY REALLY REALLY interesting is happening in my life right now. I'm not gonna type it out here, but if you are interested, email me.

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Fri, 7th Dec '01, 5:00 pm::

College was pretty neat today. I'll give more details later. The site of the day is: Stay Single. It's just toooo damn funny.

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Fri, 7th Dec '01, 12:05 am::

Guess what I just compiled? A simple webpage containing my favorite daily comic strips. Check it out >>>

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Thu, 6th Dec '01, 9:50 pm::

I just took The Art Test and it turns out that if I were a work of art, I would be Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night

"I am a tiny village at peace while overhead rages the tumult of the heavens. Objects whirl and flash around me in a fevered haze only partially reflected in reality while I remain grounded and secure in my isolation."

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Thu, 6th Dec '01, 11:00 am::

There is a computer theory that if an infinite number of monkeys sit on an infinite number of computers for an infinite amount of time, eventually one of them will type out word-for-word, The Complete Works of Shakespeare. Looking at, how every monkey today has a keyboard, that day is not far off. What do you think?

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Thu, 6th Dec '01, 10:50 am::

Now everybody searches the Internet using Right? Have you ever searched into Google? Search for 'Zeitgeist' and you'll find something cool. (Warning: Totally USELESS)

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Thu, 6th Dec '01, 10:20 am::

For website owners ONLY: If you own/maintain a website, then read on. Wired News reports an incident where a small-time programmer/creative technologist, linked to KPMG, an international business consulting firm, just like this. And KPMG sent a threatening letter asking him to remove the link. Now EVERYBODY knows that NOBODY controls the Internet. If I want to link to then nobody can stop me. If I want to link to then I can, with full freedom. Yet this company tried to control the freedom of the Net and it suffered major criticism from the web community. I've linked to KPMG 10 times on this post all together. Let's see if they have the cheek to email me after the whole Wired News fiasco. Of course, if they do, I'll just post the full email that they send me, for all of you to see and laugh at. So my request is, IF you have a Blog, Website or anything, just link to KPMG!

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Thu, 6th Dec '01, 10:10 am::

I'm in the college library right now. Oh my god you won't believe it!!! This ZDNet article says that Glass2k is one of most searched keywords in !!! It is the 3rd top-searched term - way above Ginger, Christmas, Compaq, Excite @ Home and WinZip!!! God I love today.

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Thu, 6th Dec '01, 9:20 am::

Going to college. Beautiful day outside. Life is ummm good. Damn it's December 6 and I'm wearing t-shirt! I LOOOOOVE the weather...

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Thu, 6th Dec '01, 9:15 am::

Rise and shine !!!!!! I just talked to my grandpa, grandma, mom and sis on the phone... Awwwww... I miss them all soooo much. Quick! Someone hug me!

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Wed, 5th Dec '01, 8:00 pm::

One word: T I R E D !!!!

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Tue, 4th Dec '01, 10:45 pm::

Comic for the YEAR:

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Tue, 4th Dec '01, 9:55 pm::

I'm supposed to be writing my 2nd and last music paper, but then you know me! Haha. Well I was just surfing for stuff and I found the coolest comic collection here: Daily Strips - all comics on one page. Just added the site to my favorites :)

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Tue, 4th Dec '01, 9:15 pm::

I got new trousers! Nyah nyah nyah nyah!!! I love my aunt! She randomly buys me clothes !!!!!! She's just sooo cool. Oh and she and my uncle are not even mad @ me for the whole car accident thing. God I love them :)

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Tue, 4th Dec '01, 7:55 pm::

Urghhh..... Just woke up from a *power nap* One thing is certain: I cannot power nap. I feel soooo icky... I need normal human sleep :( Too bad I'm gonna spend all of tonight trying to write a music paper... AHHHHHhhhhhhhh I need a HUG!!!

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Tue, 4th Dec '01, 5:00 pm::

God I made the smallest stupidest mistake in Calc2 exam yet again. Well on the bright side, I got the highest again: 99 / 100. But come on! How can I soooo stupidly forget that it should be "2n + 1" instead of "n + 1" !!!

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Tue, 4th Dec '01, 8:00 am::

This is how The Turbanator will probably get married.

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Mon, 3rd Dec '01, 9:50 pm::

Ever wondered what people search for ? Trust me, you'll be surprised!

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Mon, 3rd Dec '01, 9:40 pm::

There was a time when I thought I was kinda shy and lonely. Now I know why:

---- [(9L+(9+6)) ¡Ö (4(1F(7H(Y))))^(3(2X))] + [(4(1F(7HY)))@(3(2X))] ¡Ö X¡¤Y+ (^X^Y)

Read the full explanation.

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Mon, 3rd Dec '01, 5:30 pm::

I think IT (aka Ginger) is really cool. I mean come on! An auto-gyroscope that self-balances, requires electricity worth cents and moves @ 20 km per hour is definitely neat! Check out IT's website or this article for more info.

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Mon, 3rd Dec '01, 2:10 pm::

The car's fixed. Phew! And of course, the costs continue to escalate! In the end I ended up paying $325!!!! God I hate paying money.

I got a haircut after a long time. And as luck would have it, even they raised the prices! $14 for a Caesar w/ fade? No way dude! Haha...

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Mon, 3rd Dec '01, 9:15 am::

Our car indeed got $200 of damage. However, take labor costs and the whole thing becomes $300!!!!!!!! Damn damn damn... Well I'm going to take the car to the Toyota bodyshop today and get everything fixed...

Quote for the day: "Just when you think that things can't get any worse..."

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Sun, 2nd Dec '01, 10:15 pm::

I think I'm in a much better mood right now. Well yesterday was a pretty good day. We had a house-warming party and about 100 people came. The best surprise came from my mom's bro (Mama) and his wife and daughters (Priyanka and Jenisha). We had invited them but they did not tell me if they were coming or not, and so I thought they wouldn't. Turns out, to my great good luck (where was this luck today afternoon huh?) they came! I was just sooooo glad to see them. Anyways, I hosted a nice Bingo-like game for the audience and it went pretty good and everybody loved it. The food was especially good, after all my aunt's a great cook (and don't forget I was the one who peeled, sliced, and cut 50,000 onions!!!!!) Haha...

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My first accidentSun, 2nd Dec '01, 7:00 pm::

Today I was involed in a minor car accident @ about 2:35 pm. Don't worry, I'm alright and nobody got even a scratch. Just a little damage to the two cars involved. Well I was in my uncle's Toyota, waiting at a stop sign and in front of me was some lady driving a big van. She moves her car forward and then all of a sudden hits her breaks! Well, naturally I hit her. How the hell did I know that she would for-no-apparent-reason hit the breaks in the middle of the road! Our car got about $200 damage and her's will probably run into $1000! Well not a nice thing. My insurance is going to skyrocket!

Well then a cop came along and he said that he has seen over 500 minor accidents on the SAME EXACT spot in the past 23 yrs! The first thing that came to my mind was "then how come you guys don't do something about it huh?" Well I didn't say anything, except explain the whole scenario to him. He said there are only two ways in which accidents happen @ that point: First, if the driver does not stop or if the front car suddenly breaks. Since I had stopped and it was the front car which breaked, he told it was the lady's fault to begin with. But since I was in the back, it was my responsibility to maintain safe distance from her car and so both of us were found at fault. As a result, he didn't give me a ticket and hopefully no points. But now the insurance hike is gonna kill me :(

I'm in a really really bad mood right now, so don't mess with me, annoy me, tease me, or do anything to make me try to injure, impair, decapitate, or exterminate you. Smile and have a nice day!

You know the funniest thing about the whole thing? The lady looked just like Anne Robinson from NBC's The Weakest Link. I was just sooo scared when I saw her. But she turned out to be a nice lady. So all's well. I did not get a ticket, she is not filing a complaint against me, or anything.

On a slightly normal note, I was supposed to goto my friend Kath's music concert but cuz of the stupid accident, I could not :(

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Sun, 2nd Dec '01, 4:00 pm::

Quote for the day: Sh*t Happens! (Details to follow within 2-3 hours)

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